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  1. see these devs called high REZ studios copy hot trends and try to cash in on it just like smite copy of League just like paladins copy of overwatch just like smite tactics copy of hearthstone and now this trash copy of fortnite lmao

  2. All these people saying "its fortnite" dont know that first off, fortnite isn't THE battle royale, too many people think that if its a battle royale it copies fortnite, no it doesnt it introduces many new mechanics that other battle royales dont have

  3. It’s funny how all these companies copied PUBG so much so that people only recognize fornite as a battle royale game

  4. Battle Royale is literally the most brain dead genre in gaming atm, but ironically the perfect representation of the latest generation of gamers.

  5. the analysis overall was wrong on characters and endgame skill. Great game though, not into building mechanics in fortnite.

  6. For all those who say this is a Fortnite clone:
    Fortnite cloned PUBG which cloned H1Z1 which cloned DayZ (don’t quote me on that) who’s battle Royale took inspiration from Minecraft Hunger-games based off the Hunger games book series which cloned a manga/movie called Battle Royale.
    Basically, nothing is original.

  7. Wow I don't like Fortnite but this game is a straight ripoff. I'm not talking about it being a Battle Royale genre. The UI is similar, the graphics is similar, heck the character animation look alittle similar as well.

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