YouTube Gear #1 | Blue Yeti!

Showcasing the gear that makes the videos happen! Blue Yeti Blackout Edition: Video Gear I use: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. What is the best yet affordable camera that you would recommend for YouTube beginners? It would need to be good enough for building a YouTube channel that can be used professionally but also not too expensive. I prefer something that produces good video and has features that make things more convenient.

  2. Hello. What would be a good recording program that I can use with the blue yeti on my iMac, please ? Thank you.

  3. Hey Marques! im wondering, i ordered a usb microphone with an aux in for headphones, not the yeti but im wondering.. if i want to monitor the audio (like hearing myself trough the headphones while talking) do i need to select the microphone itself as 'headphones' or do i need to select headphones as 'headphones' in audacity? Thank you

  4. Hey dude thanks for sharing! Do you have a tutorial for using this mic and editing with audacity? So more of an audacity tutorial for VO. Thanks!

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