Overwatch: Why His Name ISN’T Hammond! – OWL Fissure Drama

In this video we have a bit of a news roundup including; some of the most interesting info from the wrecking ball / Hammond concept art skin reveal stream from …


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  1. Whoa there buddy slow down with that video ending. The most dangerous hamster in existence? Hello have you watched G-Force??? Jesus, the nerve of some people.

  2. Honestly, after seeing both sides of the Fissure drama… I side with Fissure. Who could really blame him for wanting to move to a team with easier communication or not throwing a fit if someone who plays the meta better plays instead of him? He's still on the team and if the team won, nobody would instantly forget him for not playing – he is a massive factor on why they got there to begin with. Would it suck to lose Fissure? Sure, but why would you fault him for wanting to find a better place to fit in?

  3. I think an update to the LFG that makes it possible to name each role could be useful. This could narrow down the spaces, for instance your task roles could be named "Rein" and "Zarya" or "Main tank" and "off tank"

  4. I'm glad fissure came out and said his piece. It was kind of weak for slasher to write what he did in the first place and I hope fissure does get to move to Seoul Dynasty. That would be amazing to see.

  5. Mvp winner was announced way to early the season is even fully over what if lag or philly win the playoffs than carpe or fissure (if he plays) deserve to be mvp over jjonak imo

  6. We will never get afro skin, because it's considered cultural appropriation by the SJW crowd and there would be a huge feminist backlash

  7. The devs clearly didn't have shotcalling in mind when they named Wrecking Ball. It's such a mouth full. "Hammond" or even "Ham" will likely be the target phrase used.

  8. It's the joke that nobody knew he was a hamster in the robot fights. To them, he was just Wrecking Ball, not some genetically modified hamster.

  9. Well considering he's fictional and Blizzard could call him anything they want and they don't want people to call him Hammond maybe they could've found another, less clunky name. They can't come along now and say that they don't want people to call him Hammond. That's the name he's gonna have in game now anyway. So why fight it so hard?

  10. people don't like long names
    they call widowmaker >> widow
    reinhardt >> rein
    of course they're not going to use wrecking ball when they have hammond

  11. Still going to call him Hammond. Sorry Blizzard. As for a skin, I would like to see a Christmas skin for him. Wearing a santa suit and his mech dressed up as a Christmas ball or something.

  12. While you guys are arguing over Hammond or wrecking ball, I'm gonna just call him hamster
    Like how Winston is just monkey

  13. If i select mic needed in lfg options they should have to ha e one plugg ed in to join.

    Also, we need more options for SR restrictions. If i play with a friend thats 400 SR below me the +/- 400 sr option often makes a group that cant que bc sr differences

  14. This game is dying, the new heroes are all retarded as shit. Once new games releases later 2018/2019, this game will officially be dead.

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