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  1. It's one thing to start off as a pioneer to the Battle Royale genre, start off amazing and a classic to the community and running it to the ground with constant updates that actively took away from the core gameplay and made players sparce until non-existent, it's another to promise anything after the 1st game and come out with this abomination, releasing all hopes of a former ode to what the culling was and was becoming, and killed it all within a day. Horrible

  2. I mean fuck… if my original game had 0 players on the servers I would feel dismotivated too. Sad to see one of the first ever battle royale games is going for a cheap money grab. would have loved to see this game resurface with more players and new better ways to play

  3. At least the first The Culling was fun for two months. I would almost say that it was the best battle royale then. Together with Shootmania.
    To bad boring games like Pubg are the example of a "good" battle royale game.

  4. Honestly I can't help but laugh at this, after seeing what Xaviant did to the first Culling.

    They really are incompetent. They have no clue what they are doing.

  5. First SOS and now The Culling. This shitty trend has completely absorbed any and all creativity that game devs have thought about applying to recent games. I can't fucking wait until all the Fortnite kids grow up and this shit dies out.

  6. This honestly must have been how their very first talk about the culling 2 would be made “so our first game tanked. Not because we tanked it but because the setting and idea wasn’t good. So what game did make a shit ton of money at a high price? Pubg. Let’s just take their scheme and keep the name with a cool logo.”

  7. Pubg made every developer think they can release un optimised garbage and they will still make millions……If DayZ and Pubg have taught us anything it's that early access business models of 'pay us now and we will fix the game later' clearly provides zero incentive for developers to make good on promises and they won't stop making them until we stop buying them.

  8. This game is complete trash. Idk why I bought it on PS4 but literally two days and I can barely get into a match with more than 10 ppl. Don’t waste ur money. It’s complete garbage even down to it not registering ammo on the ground to pick up. You literally have to circle something over and over.

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