How High Will Bitcoin Climb? Plus Crypto in Congress TODAY! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin News]

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Today we go over some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News!

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  1. Good video! One piece of advice is to put any links used in the video, in the description. That'll be helpful and also will help keep people in your video longer, the way YouTube app now minimizes while surfing the web and other apps. I stay watching the video while looking at the link. However, if it's not there, I'm more likely to leave to look it up.

  2. Sharia like Sharia law? That would be "shuh ree uh". Not shar ee uh. ? Considering that Sharia law has a negative connotation the news doesn't sound appealing just by proxy. But if it makes me money I'm all for it!

  3. For anyone looking to find a breakout coin, soft open of the site with live DFT any day. , beta testing has looked very good, 10-30x today’s price of 0.12 in the short term and possibly $5-$10 by year end, excited about this project, worth looking into. Games and gambling with crypto

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