The State of 4K: Early 2015!

4K TV, YouTube and Cameras in Early 2015! The State of 4K in 2014: Asus 31: 4K monitor: Dell 27″ 5K …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. work at 4k in visual effects is nearly impossible. most of the visual effects work today is done at 2880 by 1800. then upscaled to 4k.

  2. How about a professional monitor/display review? Best Adobe RGB displays? I would think a serious video editor would want the best color possible, I'm surprised you don't edit one one already.

  3. you rock. please please please push the silliness of 4k phones… id love a video speaking of the diminishing return on 4k+ local displays vs the ability to push super HD on the aux output (whatever that may be).

  4. Can you make a video explaining the differences between the Samsung 4K Ultra HD 2160p and the 4K Curve? I want to buy a new tv during Black Friday, but I don't want a salesman misguiding me for whatever sales they're pushing to make. Thanks!

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