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  1. Hey! Maybe it's time to make a new review of the game! I would like to know how IGN sees it as a whole now, since the game seemed to have an excelent idea with poor execution.

    This video makes it seem like it's worth playing now! But about the variety of the species on other planets? Are they still being like the same with a diferent look? If this and the combat are still the same, you think the other changes made players just accept it because is awesome and now it kinda makes sense or something, or it still a deal breaker?

    Thanks for reading, and for more constructive critics and suggestions, stick with Vic-ti'N

  2. Here's my question, which I've had since day 1. Can you change the 1st person DOF view? I always wanted it to be wider – more realistic

  3. The plutonium and thamium9 in this system go through Trevor-Yutani Corporation, or they ain't going!

    My permadeath file got 500,000,000 units and my S class Freighter all ready for the TY Corp industrial frigate fleet! 😀

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