The Coolest Padlock In The World!

This Old Briefcase Showed Up… The Tapplock is apparently the world’s first …


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  1. Can be hacked in less than 2 seconds by md5 hash of its Mac address that is publicly broadcasted. Well done, less secure than $1 padlock.

  2. Last week JerryRigEverything physically breaks the lock and this week Pentest Partners created a script that can unlock anyone of them in under 2 seconds and also showed the shackle can be cut through with 12" Bolt cutters in under 10 seconds. What junk.

  3. I thought u were a good youtuber who will protect viewers. But u are the same selfish bastard who will promote anyone/anything if they pay you. Next time do some research before promoting anything.?

  4. it costs $100 or you can open any one u see via JerryRigEverything's super basic guide in less that 30s. tbh i couldnt believe it when he said it had a 'twist off' back…… when technology blinds practicality and logic….. wow it uses a fingerprint!@@!# wow you can screw the back of, use the most common screwdriver ever, take off some things, n pop the bar and its useless. unfortunately you dont need a fingerprint to open the back 😛

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