Samsung Galaxy S III Design: Explained!

This is exactly why the Galaxy SIII looks the way it does. Thumbs up if ya learned something! Be sure to share this / tweet this to let people know! Reddit this: …


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  1. Back in the days when MKBHD review was fun to watch, smart jokes, etc. Now he's going full serious, idk maybe to attract some serious buyers out there..

  2. Whose here in 2018? This was in my suggested videos. He has sure came a LONG way (: and so have our phone screen size. I wonder if in 5 years we will think 6.3 screens are small ?

  3. I am using s3 (gti9300)
    its 5 years old and still working as awesome as 2018 smartphones
    I have rooted it with official stock ROM
    and its battery life is 6hrs while continuously using it
    the camera is fine if we are not selfie addict
    in 2012 I buy it in Rs34500
    battery life is good if we use after rooting it and by using Greenify app

    just I was disappointed with its OS that it's having JellyBeam still now
    Google should think about this at least old age devices should have KitKat
    otherwise this device is awesome and I can still use it more 3yrs 🙂

  4. "It's got a huge 4.8 inch display" 2012 MKBHD
    "If there is a normal or an XL, I am going for the XL, the plus, the bigger one"
    The normal one has a 5.8" display, the other has a 6.2" display." I am using S3 (obviously) and S8(+) specs to compare

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