VRCHAT – TRAPPED AGAIN!? (Virtual Reality)

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  1. Xig how did you get trapped????!!?? That trap sounded like a guy instead of a girl if he was reverse trapping then I would be fooled but it's clear as day heavous or whatever is a dude he's sounds gay instead of a girl

  2. Dude, you need spanish, "Huevos" means "eggs" or if your very lewd means only went your lewd "balls" lol XD hahahahahahahaah!!!! Awesome video XigneoN, your are very funny

  3. My GOD Sice is SOOOOO DAMN CUTE!!!!!! teasing Xig while going back n forth like a cute kitten… like wtf? That's how you get hugged and hit on… MMMMM DELICIOUS SICE!!!♡♡♡

  4. Sorry you got cucked ? but hey, you had fun at least (from what I can tell)

    Until next time! I wonder what shinanigans you'll get into next

  5. Shit i miss this part of the stream fuck well Rip for me lol
    I like when xig say that name Huevo that mean eggs in spanish lol, that part when huevos cuck xig the second time that was great i laughed so much that my stomach hurts oof boi, nice Koala tea content ma dude

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