TSL Plays: Virtual Reality Games In Singapore + GIVEAWAY!

In this episode of TSL Plays, we got to experience a one-of-a-kind virtual reality arcade right here in Singapore! We have a GIVEAWAY too! Watch us fight …


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  1. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! We have picked our winners and they are… Celestine Tan, Fauzi Ravi and JustAnOrdinary Sone! Congratulations for winning a chance to experience Virtual Reality Games for yourselves! – Fauzi

  2. Hi! I'd want to win this giveaway because my boyfriend is currently studying overseas, and I want to surprise him with a gift when he comes back! 🙂 Please let me win!

  3. omg this is rly cool!! i'd love to win bcos i've never tried VR and like what Xenia said i'd love to try the cooking games!!

  4. i really want to win as i really would like to experience this technology! it will also be a fun way to bond with my family members especially during the upcoming june holidays 🙂

  5. Really hope to win this because all these games look so fun and I can't wait to try them myself !! ☺☺ anyways, I really love all your videos esp sg tries. Keep it up guys !! ☺

  6. Hello TheSmartLocal! Firstly, thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this! :)) Please let me win this because I could use this giveaway to allow my sister who's currently in Secondary 4 to de-stress as her O levels has been nothing but pressurising to her and also me who will probably would just finish my Mid year exams. This will also allow me to bond with my parents more because they have always been working and I want to use this chance for them to actually take the burden off their shoulders and enjoy playing games with us and not think about their worries. So now I hope this made you understand why I want to win this ^^

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