Altcoin News – Goldman New Crypto Trend? Twitter @Bitcoin? Gemini Block Trading, Salesforce News

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today Mark kicks of todays video by talking technical analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum. We look at another Goldman executive who leaves wall street for the cryptocurrency world. Twitter shuts down @Bitcoin today and many people were talking about it sparking conspiracy theories. The Philippines sees a surge in cryptocurrency exchange applications. Winklevosses’ Gemini to Offer Cryptocurrency Block Trading. Teases Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Product Development. Finally, we look at some updates from IOTA, Electroneum and Binance.

Links Teases Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Product Development


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  3. before watching this video, I literally just got an ad for a shitcoin called Bunny Token. I thought google/YouTube banned crypto ads? goes to show how much weight is behind the FUD when google is allowing these ads again.

  4. Really excited about Oyster's airdrop this week. You get free Shell tokens for each Oyster coin you own. Also their main net is deploying this week. Great team that meets deadlines so there is some good news coming out.

  5. The recent conference showed such a lack of joint commitment in the crypto space I don’t know why anyone would get into it right now. So much poisonous fighting.

  6. I sense the news lately is a coordinated effort to get people back into Cryptos due to huge short interest already in there. So they need the greater fool to jump in and provide liquidity on that side. Obviously I hope I’m wrong.

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