GOING ALL IN! – CryptoCurrency Poker – Pot Limit Omaha Tournament

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  1. Lol u have no idea what you are doing 😉 Why don't u play no limit holdem and register to like 4 turnaments at the same time? There is just some abc rules to learn and somethin about ods and ull do fine 😉 I played online for several years and wouldn't touch omaha even if u stake me, cos it's just disgusting :p or go and pay for some coaching first so u don't show everyone ur a call mashine fish :p

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  3. Once you see the arbitraging live on the blockchain with the upcoming mBot you will re-think your lack of researching in the arbitraging project. Hard to compare a platform that allows you to live arbitrage on exchanges using your own crypto independent of the platform with Davor/BCC.

  4. Meaningless distraction from cryptos. Not sure why I have to watch someone else play poker. Worst content I have seen on this channel Zach. Can Megan take over?

  5. Before you pass judgment on arb, please speak with the admins about the mbot which is almost done being beta tested and about to be released. This portion of the arb site allows you to do manual arbitrage trades, and the profit is in the currency of your choice because the trades are being done on your exchange accounts. and the money never touches the arb website. You provide your own api keys and allow it to work based on the trades you select. Have you looked into this?

  6. u got all that wrong about ARB, you are being missinformed but it is not your fault as there is no clear wiki on how arb works unfortunately, i hope u get to talk to the ceo of arb David peterson

  7. Bro you kind of let me down with your comments on Arbitraging. I’m sure you’re still sore over Bitconnect. But that doesn’t mean Arbitraging is Bitconnect. I just think you jumped the gun way to quick and didn’t actually give them a fighting chance. Bad form dude bad form.

  8. Please dont talk about ARB when you dont know what you are talking about. You are locked in at usd value. You get paid arb per the dollar amount in abot so it doesnt matter the value of the token. You can sell instantly for the DOLLAR AMOUNT. You have a responsibility with this many subs to do your research before you word vomit

  9. The arb token is used as gas to operate the mbot which pays you in crypto on the exchanges you use. You should contact crypto face and talk to him even one on one, you have such a large following you need to be more educated on how the mbot works. I’m sure with the amount of subs you have our ceo would be happy to reach out and set your facts straight

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