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  1. Whats ironic about ripping on this game and how it ISN"T DS3… Had it been too much like DS3 I'm sure that would have been a criticism too. Next time try to review it for what it is and not what it isn't.

  2. interesting. I might get it if it goes on sale for a couple dollars. Since dark souls is too boring and tedious to me. its not difficult or challenging… makes me waste time and fall asleep… while I just want to have fun and feel badass.

  3. Terrible Review. All i heard was Dark Souls this and Dark Souls that. review the game for what it is and comparing it to something is flat out un-watchable.

  4. I downloaded this, but didn't play it. I'm in the mood after watching this and hopefully over the weekend, it'll be a new experience to add to the list.

  5. It’s Ironic Gamespot loved it but how can you trust ign .When they gave fortnite a bad review then changed there mind and gave it a good one ?I just don’t like how ign compares games this one stands on its own.

  6. This game is better then dark souls I have both and thus one is better gameplay and graphics much more I give to this one 17/20
    And dark souls 11/20

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