No Man’s Sky 2018 Review (NEXT Update) | Xbox One & PS4

Decided to review the state of No Man’s Sky in 2018 and holy heck, I did not expect to like it as much as I do. FIND ME HERE: Twitter: …


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  1. i never brought it when it came out as i was saving to build my pc but i just brought it while watching your video …. iv been talking myself out of buying it as im waiting for monster hunter next week but listening about the gek and downed spaceships just brought the walls down lol cant wait to play

  2. Really enjoy this game now. But the ground hog day gameplay I'm getting with the constant save corruption is starting to drive me away.

  3. I'm seriously considering picking this up but it seems like I have a huge backlog of games to get through. I've only just finished Gears 4 and Fallout 4. It's definitely on my radar now though.

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  5. I did play a few hours with some other people the other night without any intention to keep the character, just checking out Next. I'll definitely have to consider playing survival though, it probably makes the upgrades feel more important. Thanks for the review!

  6. I just picked it up when the price dropped and Next went live. I avoided the media until the Next chatter became unavoidable and it sucked me in. I followed the game at launch and saw that it was not what they said it would be and I wholly agree with you that had the Next version come as the original launch it would have gotten the critical acclaim and a GOTY nod. Good review.

  7. When is the update coming to fix the saving glitch ? I really wanna get it but I wanna wait until the update so when I play it for the first time I don’t get a very bad experience lol I’m into Minecraft like crazy this game looks kinda the same thing just bigger and better

  8. Hands down, one of my favorite games of all time. Full of surprises and lots of fun. Found myself a whispering egg and got the fright of my life. Unforgettable moments .

  9. After playing the Atlas path in original update, and also reaching the center of the galaxy in the Atlas update I'm not sure I can justify another play-through with this update.
    Even though it looks interesting. I'm just sad these things were not there when the game launched.

  10. Just don’t go into the caves…. not without a terrain manipulator. I got frikkin stuck in a deadly underground cave system for hours!

  11. The NEXT update is so glitchy tho and they put a cap on how many units you can have. It's a great update but they could have left out capping the amount. This is going to be the longest month of updating

  12. As I am posting, I am playing and it is AWESOME! MP with my wife and sons and we are having an absolute BLAST!
    Well done, Hello Games, well done! Btw, thanks for not giving up on the game or the gamers!

  13. The game is still shit the update is completely unfinished the game servers are crap and the game crashes every single time I load it up on my ps4 pro keep in mind I have played the new update for more then 50hours so I can talk. Regardless the building if the game crashes every time you load it then it's unplayable.

  14. Some of the new things in the update SUCK. They've changing all of the mining materials yet again and the technology in the game. There was nothing wrong with mining materials and how you charge things before. The huge problem with the game now is the online services. 95% of the time all i see is. YOU HAVE LOST CONNECTION TO THE ONLINE DISCOVERY SERVICES. It makes it pointless to play if i can't upload the creature and other data you can scan. I'll give them a week to fix the problem or the game is going in the BIN.

  15. yall know that if you melee and then boost right after youll launch forward super far and quick. makes on foot mining wicked faster

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