Wilson Sent me a Better Airless Gen1 Basketball

The Wilson Airless Gen1 Basketball definitely turns heads but how does it play? Laifen Wave 10% discount use code …


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  1. thats just a show ball. not good for serious game use. Problems,.. obviously aerodynamics will be totally different than a normal ball. holes means less surface contact with fingers and palm. sweaty hands and ball contact far worse. debris inside ball. Without question, any use of ball outside would see to rocks pebbles dust and glass getting inside ball. Its a collectors iteam but its not a real to be used ball.

  2. With that analysis, it really belongs to a glass case only to be adored by friends and visitors. Not in the court! Keep inventing stuff Wilson, maybe someday you can make something court worthy ^_^

  3. Ive already got some ideas for grip and weight, whilst still using pretty much the same design. Problem is drag, air moving in and through the ball slows it down. This can be compensated with some sort of weights lining the inside. Grip on the outside can be leather, spread out, while keeping the futuristic design and holes.

  4. What's the point of this ball if it can't even behave like the original one + lacks other satisfying features of feel, sound and appearance? Is like an engineering challenge to make it airless, and that's it? Or is it really that difficult to pump the ball? What's the deal here?

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