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IGN gives its review of King of Fighters XIII. SNK’s flagship brawler returns for its 13th entry. Is this a fight for the ages? Get more King of Fighters at IGN: …


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  1. Why so much thumbs-down? I totally agree with review, and I am King of Fighters fanboy who owns almost every game ever released. Still, Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2 are for me the best fighting games ever but KoF XIII is solid game, I don't like how Street Fighter 4 and 5 gone 3D, so KoF XIII is right up my alley with 2D gameplay and no ridiculous finnishing animations.

  2. The author got one thing right: It's the fact that I like the kof storyline better than sf. I noticed that i enjoy reading the kof manga a lot more than sf comics and the other way around for the games. This being the exception. I guess if this game had a weakness it would be the fact that it's unable to contain the personalities of the characters. Kyo just has way too little endurance.

  3. I don't get all the hate this video gets, it's an objectively based opinion about the game, personally I love this game, Hope someone will give SNK a chance to do justice for this series.

  4. …..I dont think this reviewer is all the familiar with the storyline its a conclusion to an arc it makes sense if you know the story from previous games

  5. Here I am trying to find out if the game is fun enough to prioritize getting before sfIV or blazblue, not if the reviewer is salty about sucking against the bosses.

  6. I bought KOF XII when it first came out.  It was good, but not great.  This still isn't as good as some of the older ones, but it's great fun, and a huge step forward from the last one.  Got it on the Humble Bundle with some other games for $6.  The artwork is truely amazing.  I can't believe it's 2D.  It looks more like cel shaded 3D.  It's so fluid and colorful.  I even noticed lighting effects on the sprites.  They did an amazing job!

  7. The King of Fighters is wayyyyy better than boring ass Street Fighter! Ever since street fighter went 3D it became shit imho! You dont see KOF pulling that sorta crap (except that one time with Maxium Impact and THAT was about it!)

  8. Is it just me, or do these new installments really seem too cluttered with color and effects?  I feel like one normal punch or simple combo gives off these weird colorful explosions, and I find them distracting.  Anyone think so?

  9. Shouldve been a 9 and reason its not ten is because of its number of characters to use but it is still a great game kof for life also its waynbette than boring ass steet fighter at least kof has a story line instead of just fighting

  10. i m a huge kof fan n hv been playing since kof 94. this game has unique fighters and powers and not to forget fantastic bosses….best of them was orochi…this game has improved a lot n its not like those boring same n lame street fighter or mortal kombat games…this game deserves atleast not more or less than 9…9/10

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