10 Best NEW Side-by-Sides and Sport UTVs to Buy (Specs and Features)

When researching the topic of side-by-sides we noticed that there wasn’t a comprehensive top list that would provide adequate information about performance specifications and pricing of sport UTVs on today’s market. In this episode we have gathered all of the info in a tight convenient package and if you are in search of either a fully performance oriented model or a versatile utility task vehicle, our video should serve you as a great buying guide. Thanks for watching in advance and enjoy the ride!

Here is the full list of SxSs listed in this episode:

0:39 #10 Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS LE: atvsxs.honda.ca/side-by-side/1000-series

Until Honda releases their first sports UTV model called Talon 1000 we are stuck with their hybrids utility-sports and the top ranging model is Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS LE

1:53 #9 Kawasaki Teryx: kawasaki.com/Products/2019-Teryx?cm_re=SIDEXSIDELANDING-_-PRODUCTTHUMBNAIL-_-PRODUCTDETAILS

2019 Kawasaki Teryx is an iconic recreational utility vehicle featuring a legendary V-Twin engine, a selectable four-wheel drive, and EPS technology. It is available in three trim levels, priced from $12,999 to $15,199.

2:54 #8 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE: yamahamotorsports.com/pure-sport-side-by-side/models/2019/yxz1000r-ss-se

2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE is an upgraded side-by-side vehicle that aims to deliver sport performance in any road conditions. The vehicle comes with multiple technical and design updates and will be available for purchase in September-October 2018.

3:58 #7 CanAm Commander Limited: https://can-am.brp.com/content/canam-offroad/en_US/side-by-side/commander/commander-limited.html

CanAm Commander Limited is the top of the line 2-seater side-by-side vehicle offered in the company’s Commander line-up. Its starting price is set at $20,299.

4:57 #6 Textron Havoc X: textronoffroad.txtsv.com/side-by-side/rec-utility/havoc

Not everyone wants their farm vehicle to be tame and lame, those drivers who want utility and sports performance should look closely into the Textron Havoc X crossover UTV.

6:06 #5 Polaris General: general.polaris.com/en-us

Polaris General is the first ever crossover sport utility UTV on the market that set up a new standard for off-road versatility.

7:28 #4 Textron Wildcat XX: textronoffroad.txtsv.com/side-by-side/performance/wildcat-xx

This is a brand new UTV from Textron built from the ground up without recycling any old components from other models. Wildcat XX brings classic race nature of off-roading without the use of turbochargers, but its performance was tested by the best drivers.

8:36 #3 CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 X RS TURBO R: can-am.brp.com/off-road/side-by-side/maverick-x3/maverick-x3-max-x-rs-turbo-r.html

The current top of the line UTV model from Can-am is undeniably Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R which is both the most powerful UTV on the planet as well as one of the fastest and most reliable.

9:48 #2 POLARIS 2018 RZR XP TURBO S: rzr.polaris.com/en-us/rzr-xp-turbo-s/#

Polaris RZR is the best-selling UTV on the market and with 85 mph top speed it beats any competition out of the park.

10:33 #1 Nikola NZT: nikolamotor.com/nzt

The long awaited most powerful side by side UTV on the market, Nikola NZT, is ready to hit the market by the end of 2018.

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10 Best NEW Side-by-Sides and Sport UTVs to Buy (Specs and Features)
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  2. A side-by-side is a perfect vehicle to have fun outdoors, work in the field and explore the outdoors. In this episode we listed the best sport models on today's market and would like to hear your opinions about the rating. Did we place the entries spot on? Or was it a complete mess? Share your ideas in the comments!

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