Is This Ear Technology The Future?

Skybuds Nimbus (USA Link) – Skybuds Nimbus (International) – Here’s a completely wireless earbud solution as an …


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  1. I have a pair of earbud called me about 30 dollars. i thnk its called QCY Q29, ive been using it for 1 year and it is rly good. if anyone want try a cheap“truly wireless earbud ” i would recommend this one .

  2. Now that Apple and Samsung have made true wireless earphones that auto-connect to your phone as soon as you open the case, this is now a vital feature as nobody wants to press and hold each earphone anymore. That's one of the great things about the Airpods. These days only the cheap Chinese ones require that. Too expensive if they don't auto-connect

  3. I have had skybuds since the kick starter. I have had 2 problems with them but the customer service has been amazing. They really take care of the customers. Love the product.

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