Venom Trailer Breakdown: Explaining the New Symbiote Venom is Fighting

We dig into all the details, Easter Eggs and secrets in the latest Venom trailer, which features our first look at the new symbiote Venom will face off against.


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  1. Everyone is freaking out over venom’s comments about a pancreas being source material or not while I’m over here thinking that my biggest complaint is the sound venom makes when he peels back his suit or his face. It shouldn’t sound like a rubbery balloon being rubbed against your skin. It should sound like flesh ripping or anything more masculine than a clown twisting balloon animals together for you.

  2. I feel like the host should be more in control of the symbiote rather than the symbiote being control of the host, the symbiote does the extreme brain work and the host is mostly listening and going along with what the symbiote says and eventually the symbiote takes over internally through the host, not necessarily externally through the host. Eddie should have some physical control too.

  3. I think the symbiote fighting venom is Carnage because:
    Axe hands in the lab
    The sharp knife-like hands in the end and it looks like he has a slight red tint in the battle scene (that could just be me though)

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