Faraday Future FF91 Impressions!

Self Driving and 0-60 launch in the Faraday Future prototype! Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Ongoing …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. This company is just a copy of Tesla. They even named their company after another famous person who dealt with science


  3. I came from a video which severely criticised this car and yes with proven facts. How this company failed catastrophically to match Tesla. Tesla is running on losses for Elon Musk has some different sustainable targets which he considers beyond profits. They lost $2.24 billion in 2017 still they recieved 450,000 pre-orders for model 3. And on the other hand we have these motherfuckers putting LEDs all over the body and selling the ff91 for $180,000.

  4. The more companies we have making cars like this the better. Research increases, manufacturing practices get perfected and most importantly, prices come down.

  5. Rear Wheel steering isnt new. I think Renault used this probably 10 years ago in a family wagon or family van. There are a few production supercars using this too, but i dont remember which.

    Dont think faraday will make it, its a pretty strange company, but the car is cool anyway, i like the design especially the rear ist stolen pretty perfect from Porsche.

    Its no great engineering to be faster then a p100d, everybody could do that, motors with enough torque, battery and esc that is huge enough + a steel frame and here you go. Transferring this in a production car is the hard thing without taking half a million for that. Further its pretty tough to design the inner space if pretty all the people with experience have left the company already and no one will buy a supercar which is poorly designed and built.

    One last thing, i am sure they didnt use a full sized battery, this thing seems much to light. If you use one 2000 mah LiPo in a Tesla you can get even under two seconds 0-60. Only for a few feet but anyways…

  6. I like it. Tesla doesn't need to be the only future car company. They've paved the Road and I'm exited to see what will happen next.

  7. [Please reas everything]Farady Future is trying WAAY to hard to succseed and I don't think it's working for them. The car isn't impresive (to me) and their CEO is a shit hole of a person. If they want to succseed they should get a new CEO and not overhype their car. They probably want to be a big name in the car world like mercedes, bmw, tesla just to name a few, and I understand them I mean who doesn't want to be succseesful at something, to respected for what they do. But this not how you should start ANYTHING because then you have way to large expectations and you spend more money for nothing, then people start to think that you are desperate to sucseed and end up not buying your product. They should work well within their budget and if the world likes it then they will succseed. Right now some people are making fun of them bc their car didn't work on their event and they don't have enough money to keep themselves alive.

  8. Do not trust this company, Faraday future is a part of Le eco, they started out by doing video streaming service (kinda like youtube, but a lot shittier). And expanded to making phone, TV and cars. But, recently the CEO of this company Jia Yueting escaped to America to avoid paying back the money he borrowed. And the whole company is basically is dead right now. So I would not recommend anyone to buy any of Le eco's product. (Sorry for my english, I'm a Chinese).

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