Prime Picks! – The #1 Headphones on Amazon!

The absolute best selling audio products on Amazon – are they any good? #1 headphones: #1 wireless: #1 …


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  1. Marques:
    I like both of the Mpow selections if I had my pick!
    One other thing I think needs to be made aware of ….. these cheap picks are great for something to take to work or office and if something happens to them then so be it ….. not much of a loss if you know what I mean?!?!?!
    Anyway, like the info ….. thanks ?✌

  2. I search for mpow and Anker products a lot. They're products are much cheaper than name brand and the quality is usually above average.

    I've had the mpow over the head ear headphones for months now and really like them a lot. I'm not picky with audio and they sound pretty good, they are plasticky but durable, they connect super fast, great battery life. I hate the idea of spending a ton of money for headphones. No matter what my earphones always have broke easily or get lost.

  3. You should've recommended products that can compete or, are better than these products in the same price points, that way, people can get more bang for their bucks

  4. interestingly enough I actually have the MPOW over ears. They are great for walking around listening to podcasts while I'm doing stuff. And then I can switch to my Sony MDR XB950N1 for music on the move. At the end of the day my ATHM50X at work, or my K7XX amped at home are WAY better then both of those options, but hey, they aren't wireless.

  5. I'd choose the panasonic earbuds. I already own them, but its the set without the in-line controller (They're a liability). Main reason I bought them is due to my history with earbuds, regardless of how much I spend, they end up shorting out or dying in one ear.
    I care greatly about the quality of my sound, but that's what I have my main setup for. (M50x, monitors, amp, etc). I use earbuds to lay around in, and watch Twitch streams or Youtube videos til I fall asleep, so just having something comfortable that works, gets the job done for me.

    Also, every iteration of Apple's ear buds have been uncomfortable trash. 🙂

  6. I own a pair of over-ear mpows, they are cheap functional and I love that I can use them via Bluetooth or wired if I ran out of battery. The sound is fine, I don't have the hissing you were referring to, but they are definitely not high quality. I just need something cheap that lets me listen to music or a podcast or a book on the way to work and they serve the purpose. Having said that I choose these because I just can't stand in ear, if I could I would get those, these are pretty bulky.

  7. Despite owning the Mpow over ear headphones and HATING the sound quality (luckily they're dad's and not mine), I'd have to pick them because I cannot stand wires of any sort after going bluetooth a year ago. The convenience and freedom is off the charts for me. No wires ever again. Now, if you had thrown in some fully wireless earbuds, however, I'd take THOSE in a heartbeat over the over ears!

  8. I would go with the over ear set just because of the fit. Over-ear headphones have more style points and overall give me a better listening experience

  9. I used to buy cheap headphones. Had them on all the time at work. Thought they sounded good. Was satisfied. Then I got a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770s as a gift from my brother. I both thank him and curse him. Thank him for introducing me to the world of quality sound, and curse him for the impact it has had on my wallet. I own around ten pairs of headphones now. I tried my old cheap headphones a while back after finding them during a move. Would never be able to go back.

  10. I can testify to the quality of these Panasonic earphones. I have owned a pair for over a year and have not taken any particular effort to care for them(I even dove into the pool with them recently). Durability is not an issue.

  11. If I had to live with any of these headphones for life I would probably go with the cheapest of the bunch, those panasonic jawns. I feel like an astronaut or something wearing great big over ear headphones. It's weird when I'm out and about and listening to music and someone tries to speak to me I would have to pull them off completely, with earbuds I can just pull one out to begrudgingly listen to the person. The type with the ear clip thing feel obnoxious after wearing them for an extended period of time and I have no need for my headphones to be securely strapped to my grape. I use headphones everyday and I've found the most practical for me to be earbuds, and fortunately the AKG buds that come with my Samsung phones are pretty dope

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