IGN Fires Editor After Plagiarizing Boomstick Gaming Dead Cells Review

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  1. Had to stop for a sec at 1:30 You talk about how he looks and called him "mucus" which is uncalled for, its just petty at that point. I wanted to listen to a structured talk about ethics and journalism and how this young man happened to really screw up…

  2. I'm subbed to Boomstick, have been a long time, actually. When I saw that video go up, I was appalled by what I saw, and I actually expected IGN to impose it's behemoth-like presence and deny claims of plagiarism. Gotta admit, IGN, interesting to see them own up to something and take actual actions.

  3. 3:37 Doing a video on plagiarism and then lifting a joke verbatim from South Park.. (episode with the morning announcers)… not exactly a pro move.. kinda ironic really.

  4. I will give credit where credit is due.

    IGN handled it rather well. They took immediate action, but also took a reasonable amount of time to investigate for themselves. They fired the individual then apologized giving proper credit to Broomstick Gaming.

    This does improve their reputation in my mind.

  5. I love how the pinned comment is like a commentary on how a negative actor gets something miniscule more attention than it should have similar to the topic of this video.

  6. Sid, you might be a bit envious of people such as Flerp Dankenstein Chestwaxer Asswhipe Mcgee Esquire the third Miucin, but remember: as quickly as he gets subs, he'll likely loose them again. Or at least something to t hat effect. People who take interest in people like him, are only after the controversy and people like that have a short attention span. Your subscribers however, are loyal and will stick with you no matter what…unless you decide to work for IGN, then we sadly will have to part ways.

  7. This is the third video on this subject I’ve watched, i dont give a damn about how many timesit’s been covered, i only care about it being covered by people i trust.
    And I’m certainly glad I watched this because the name gag had me in stitches.

  8. Audible chocolate? lmao
    Sorry Sid, but i find your voice more like an audible rolling pin. relaxing if used right, painful if swung around with wild abandon 😉

    Now, on to your opinion. 🙂

  9. agreed, 100%. I wasn't going to talk about this because I knew IGN 1. Needed to investigate, and 2. I knew they took this seriously. In this case, I praise IGN for their actions.

  10. If he was a woman social media would explode into a firestorm of "toxic sexist gaming youtubers strike again gamergate etc". But he isn't, so he's quite fucked.

  11. Mr Mucus. Lmao. This video is an eye opener. Basically don't do anything to get on Sid's bad side. His tongue is sharper than a freshly forged sword.

  12. I've been watching this story as it developed, and have been waiting for this video. Yeah I've seen the facts and side by side comparisons of the video review transcripts that show not exact word for word plagiarism, but that when taken as a whole it was basically word swapping in a sentence. Paragraphs were the same. Structure and wording were the same>

    Still came to watch your vid Sid. Good stuff as always. Though I have to wonder with every incantation adding a variation to his name, did you have that scripted out or was it repeated off the top of your head?

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