IGN Editor Filip Miucin Plagiarized ‘Dead Cells’ Review And Has Been Fired

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  1. LOL since this boomstick guy is unemployed they could hire him in the old guys place, also the guy could have had plausible deniability if he had used the same ideas, but completely changed the way he expressed them. Really though ign says he played through the game, but I doubt that if he had to so blatantly copy some guy. More realistically if he had played it he would have at least been able to put his own spin on how someone else felt about the game.

  2. I followed Phillip before he was at ign, now I wonder did he steal his previous review, damn imagin he did it the whole time and he just never played a game, well played.

  3. This gut must not gave been paying attention in school because they hammered that into our heads a lot, heck even outside of school people warned me not to plagiarize so I feel a little bad for Filip but at the end of the day, he should have known better especially since he was working within an industry saturated with tons information and people who can dig it up and will spread it like wildfire.

  4. I'd be interested to see whether he actually did the review at all or just paid someone to do it. It seems so impossible that Filip would think he could get away with it. I wonder whether he just paid some from like Fiverr or something who just went for the easy money and copied Boomstick and then Filip of course didn't catch it. I'm not saying it's better but it would make more sense to me.

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