BITCOIN ETF DELAY = CRYPTO BLOODBATH? + Ontology Ledger Nano S WaltonChain Elastos DBC News

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  1. In regards to Binance charging 400 Bitcoin (0.019% of the MAX SUPPLY) JUST FOR A LISTING is absolutely ridiculous and quite extortionate. It is for this very reason that the company DigitalPrice created their exchange with an appealing listing fee set at only $1000, their only trouble is awareness (or rather, lack thereof)

  2. The government(s) delaying regulation is actually a REAL problem. Why? There is a natural law that regulates trading games called a Pareto distribution. The longer it takes for “adoption” the more a smaller percentage of people accumulate a majority of the supply of currencies. There are mechanics in mining and and distribution of max… but look at the % of wallets that own tokens, for most of them the top 100 wallets own more than 90% of he circulating supply. That’s a problem.

  3. $BNB Cz has publicly came out and said they don’t have a set price to list coins. Listings have to make on offer on the price they pay….. some people offer 0 and get listed. Some people offer 20mil and get told to fuck off.

  4. Lmfao spot on bro! Those of us who have been for long enough will never sell at a loss. I'm 80% in on Vechain the only project that's a sure will given the massive company and Chinese gov. Partners!!!!!! I love FUD tv

  5. Erm quick correction! Elastos are not selling the set top boxes, rather they've partnered with a Chinese company named Shanghai Shijiu who have already been producing and selling these round the world only but now they have the elastos software running on them.
    Shanghai Shijiu TV offers the world’s leading HTML5 and browser technology in the OTT and Smart TV field and is a partner of several top TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Hisense and intellectual property carriers Disney, IQIYI, and Tencent Video. It is Shijiu TV that have forecasted the sales of over 1 million TV boxes by the end of the year. Projected sales for the next 5 months are 180k, 200k, 250k, 250k, and 250k units respectively. Smart way to build out your P2P carrier network infrastucture. Great show by the way ??

  6. Not too depressed? No. I continue to be impressed by the working software that I use (NEO, Switcheo, Spankchain <cough>) and will continue to happily accumulate.

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