IGN’s Review Ripoff Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Youtube

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  1. Source to the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKF6xnvaCsE

    I purposefully didn't address copyright strikes on Youtube because I feel that's a whole different topic.

    I try to not just report 'news' on this channel because that's boring as hell, so I hope you guys can appreciate some of the general Youtube commentary about the lack of rules, awareness, information and such I talk about after the IGN issue.

  2. I feel like people taking clips from other channels for counter claims are perfectly acceptable. YouTube is a video sharing website, it's the best way to cite a source for a retort. Just straight up show the clip of what the opposition said.

  3. There's somewhat a grey area around "Fair use" but i believe if the guy who stole the review only chose his words more carefully and in his own original way it'd be perfectly fine to pass it as his own, but he was too lazy.

    I don't think youtube should go on a witchhunt about it or this site will become a clusterfuck of copyright strikes and hundreds of thousands of videos getting taken down and new videos that don't last even 10 minutes before getting deleted.

    A more strict copyright policy here would just kill this website completely. I understand it is frustrating though but the time you spend going after those people is time that you are not spending creating more content thus losing money either way.

    I want to make clear i don't support any form of plagiarism, i just don't want youtube to become a "police state".

  4. There's a difference between plagiarism and fair use. Clearly what IGN did was blatant plagiarism but using footage to make a response video is fair use, so saying that people have used your footage to make response videos and claim plagiarism is ridiculous.

  5. People using your footage for an argument in another video as you said absolutley falls under fair use. Look at the H3H3 lawsuit for the precident. People reloading content on another channel is super shady though.

  6. I know this video mainly focuses on YouTube, but this story is really the tip of the iceberg of another big problem: general lack of understanding of plagiarism among people who work as writers. I work as an editor at a large company that produces a lot of content, and I can't tell you how often people try to take material from other sources without attribution and pass it off as their own. ALL. THE. TIME. Almost all of the writers I've worked with think that if you just change a couple words, it's not plagiarism anymore. They would have thought that what the IGN reviewer did is just fine. These aren't stupid writers; these are all college-educated people. But they don't seem to remember anything from their freshman writing class, and they've no real training on plagiarism since. Generally speaking, outside of academia and book publishing, nobody seems to take plagiarism seriously. And just based on how much I catch, I know that there's so much more that I don't that goes out the door.

  7. The actual comparison video is hilarious. The IGN guy copying everything he says with this weird, fake charisma. Just lol

  8. You know you can steal movie and television footage and ideas too right? Until somebody sues you. It’s not YouTube’s job to police that

  9. "this is like plagiarism 2.0" no, copying or paraphrasing written content has always been viewed as plagiarism… journalists have lost their careers over it.

  10. Boomstick gaming is now up 28,000 subscribers since this. It's the best thing that's ever happened to this guy on YouTube.

    Keep making good content and hoping big channels steal it and then catch them. Boom, new subs.

  11. Seriously, it's the youtuber's own fault. Big name youtubers like Jim Sterling love the defend the practice as 'Transformative Works', so that game-studios can only watch as youtubers get fat on game-studios' hard work. But turn it around and it's suddenly a bad thing? Get outta here.

  12. You go girl! Although; you did get the plagiarism v. plagiarism_2.0 statement kinda 'bass ackwards' 'coz you know, plagiarism has existed long before there was even common enough tech to rip/copy someone elses' content/material..And plagiarism has been more common in academics (e.g: writing).. So what the IGN editor did; was indeed the good old', down to earth original plagiarism.

  13. The problem here was IGN, not Youtube, which has it's own problems, somebody using your video in a counter video is not plagiarism, as I am aware. Youtube doesn't need more rules and regulations, I wouldn't quite call it the wild west.

  14. Making counter videos is Fair Use. As is taking someone footage and transforming it in some way with commentary or some such. It's not plagiarism, and it's not against copyright. The fact that it's allowed is literally one of the rules you're complaining about Youtube not having. Bad video is bad.

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