SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Decision to September and more in Today’s CRYPTO News

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Blockchain To Allow $27 Billion Annually In Savings For Banks By 2030

Blockchain To Allow $27 Billion Annually In Savings For Banks By 2030


Coinbase Trading Announcement

Buy and sell immediately and higher daily limits

Coinbase ETC Announcement

SEC Delays VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Decision to September

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (Release No. 34-83792; File No. SR-CboeBZX-2018-040)

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  1. Shame about the EFT delay, but that is what was expected.
    we should be focusing on undervalued altcoins that are making things that will be there forever, like for example ALQO.

  2. What happened to the price of vechain guys? Last I looked it was $2 odd. And yes I haven't been watching any crypto news…..

  3. Another great video. I show the technical side of bitcoin in my YouTube technical analysis channel with daily videos. Always watch yours as you post them. Keep it up!
    -Crypto Hippo

  4. PEOPLE PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THE “doubling bitcoin” scam YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BITCOIN, instead of sending to a scammer just send it to me lol


  5. I'm afraid the whales are going to keep creating fake bad news for awhile to keep driving the price down until they are ready to go all in. This sucks but it could go on for awhile. I'm in Tether until we see some real upward movement. Good news is meaningless until the people in charge decide they want this thing to move.

  6. We are all tiny fish in this pond of straight up gators and sharks. All we can hope is to ride a tidal wave they create. Just BTFD best you can if you're in alts and HOLD you bitches…. maybe 1-3 years, maybe 3 months, who knows. Just be prepared to stomach the dips. Have some fiat ready to buy at all times, even if its $50, even if its $500.. just keep buying in and keep holding strong. The big dogs run the show, we just bask in their wake. Its pathetic and too bad, but that's the way to win this game! Just have a strong stomach for "lost" value on your coins, gain the BIG perspective, look at where the markets are headed, just fucking LOOK at how greedy the big dogs are and how they want ALSO want to get rich off basically nothing, and just fucking HOLD people!! You WILL be rewarded…. the only question is whether that's THIS year, NEXT year, or the year after. Be brave for once in your lives, invest in the macro trend (bullish), and just GET THE FUCK IN THE COINS while they're cheap. Duck everything else. Maintain your position, HOLD, help keep stable price by REFUSING to sell to the billionaires, and RIDE THE WAVE UP. It's not hard.

    Love all you guys and I'm here with you today, looking at red, feeling blood, and headstrong as ever. Never sell what what you know these technologies are worth. In 2045 would you be pissed at your old self for selling right now? THINK LONG TERM, THINK BIG, THINK OLD. Don't fuck over your future for present idiot reality in the market.


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