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  1. "Overwhelming amount of detail." Yeah, I know right. That's what makes fallout 4 so much better then New Vegas or fallout 3. Also, Everyone loves world of warcraft now. They all say, Remember that horribly overwhelming talent tree and 40 man raids? IGN Streamlining game play to extend more to the toddler ages is not what gamers want. Omg a game is OVER DETAILED. Completely un-academic. Learning curves ARE what games are SUPPOSE to be about. Just end all your reviews with. "Should be more Mario Kart-lined" So everyone can more clearly see where you guys stand. "Yes, This WW2 simulator is good. But, We think adding in some Mario-kart could really take back some of its detail, And what the hell is a tank? No historical context! OMG! A Anti-tank weapon? WHERE"S THE CONTEXT?!?!?!?!? Finally, Where are the micro transaction for tank skins, That woulda gave it an easy 100 on our review! MICRO TRANSACTIONS!"

  2. BE WARNED!!! This game requires a lot of game memory to play with, wargame series is much better than this ….. if you played men of war 2 youll be disappointed

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