Is Bitcoin and Cryptos DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/8/2018

Is Bitcoin and Cryptos DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/8/2018 –

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market fell off a cliff. Is it dead?

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. Do you believe timeline might also play into it? Think about it. You pass the sec right before holiday season. You provide an opportunity for smart money to enter the market, at the same time the general consumer buyer is selling out btc for fiat in order to fund their holidays? Just some wide thinking.

  2. What are you smoking? Tezos will be top 5 within 2 years. It's currently the only non centralized (no control server) working and fully implemented dPoS smart contract platform running flawlessly.

  3. Jeez anyone can find out the info on this video themselves. As for Bitcoin seriously it will be worth a crap load of money by 2019. Just buy 1 single bitcoin don’t watch YouTube read the news and take a peek at the price until around this time next year when the banks and stock exchanges are all on board be greedy!

  4. Bitcoin is not Dead, this is the Best time to be getting into crypto and buying.
    Panic selling will not get you anywhere, you will just be mad in 6 months, when we are at new highs.

    In 2001 you could have bought Amazon for $6/share and if you had bought $600 worth it would be worth
    $185,000 today. Do you think the Big investment banks were buying tech stocks then??

    The exact same is happening now, Wall Street is getting into this market and doing their best to push it as low as
    possible, so they can buy at the lows and make another fortune off of all of the regular people selling their
    cryptos to them..Don't let Wall Street scare you out of the market again.

    Everyone should be Buying their biggest conviction ideas in $100 or $200 increments, load up at these low prices.
    If you haven't started getting into this market, start now, this is the perfect time to get in.
    If you don't know where to start, this video will show you how at: Http://
    Don't sell, Buy more…

  5. Dogecoin will never go down its back by the people doesn't have an investor and it's been there for a long time see if coin low growth safe coin

  6. There's something good about a person like you taking the time to share knowledgeable advice thank you for what you do just thought I'd put that out there

  7. lol Thanks for the financial advice George. I'm broke! JK
    Litecoin is going to Moooooooooooon… after an Earthly obliteration.
    Zil: BUY BUY BUY.

  8. thanks George, ur 100% spot on. the wen moon/lambo brigade is getting flushed out – that's ok, more for us later on. and yes – there will be a crypto later on – that will be awesome.

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