We Need To Talk About The IGN Plagiarism Controversy And Where We Go From Here | News Wave

A big controversy took place over the past few days after a smaller YouTuber called out IGN for copying their review of the game Dead Cells. The examples and …


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  1. what is happening at IGN is disgusting, people are getting so reckless and lazy that even dont bother changing review structure. I reckon most of their staff is doing this, by the end of the day all that matters is money.

  2. IGN is nothing good nowadays. They recently reviewed Lego’s voltron. What is IGN now? What a loser Filip is. You play games and write comments as part of your job and you still had to plagiarize. Millennials always try to find an easy way out.

  3. When I saw the news, I didn't pay attention to the name of the writer. My god it was Fillip?? I've been watching him since his own channel, and his videos with other guys from IGN. I have always enjoyed his contents, but I guess everyone makes mistake. Hope he has learned enough from this incident.

  4. When I first heard about this story… I didn't really care, until I found out it was Philip. Never expected him to plagerize.

  5. "Phillip is my friend but I will be reviewing this as a neutral objective party"… NOPE, That's not how bias works. I think what you should do is disclaim the extent of your relationship with him and let the viewers take your words as they will. I don't think you should pretend like your an objective source.

    I not sure why but everyone on YouTube seems to think they have some sort of super powers where they can shut off parts of their brain like a robot. Like we need to trust them implicitly without context because they turned on "OBJECTIVE MODE". It's ridiculous. Everyone is welcome to do editorial on whatever they want but lets at least be honest with ourselves.

  6. A Beta for Smash Ultimate doesn't make sense at all. Especially not now since the launch is so far away. There would be so much information to datamine that Smash won't have anything left to reveal at this point

  7. Instead of Stepping Away. He should show up in the SpawnCast. Apologize and Come Clean.. I think many prefer that he own up to it.
    That way people could get some idea of what happened and he won't have to go in Hiding.

    A lot of People like Filip. Including me. The SpawnCast Community are pretty reasonable.. We could always hear him out and maybe he could still have Fans to back him up if he decides to go back to Youtube.. But he just needs to come clean on the SpawnCast.

  8. Firstly I feel bad for Filip, say what you will about him but he was genuinely passionate with the NVC podcasts and an all-round good guy. In spite of that, plagiarism is a serious ethical issue, to use someone else's work and pass it off as your own without acknowledging the original work is wrong and does deserve serious punishment, and it doesn't bode well for Filip as it was not even the 1st time. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this for Filip, IGN, and the gaming journalism world in general.

  9. I really like Filip and his channel, I wish he would at least make a statement for his fans, this situation is a let down

  10. I feel like Dreamcast Guy, ReviewTechUSA and this guy all sleep with each other. The regurgitation of this news and other gaming news is sickening.

  11. Awful lot of similarity between channels and content these days. I can think of at least 3 other channels that use SpawnWave format. They don’t rip it off verbatim, but it’s pretty damn obvious.

  12. Hey Spawn, it'd be interesting if you had Philip on Saturday's spawn cast. Now, it might be too soon but he probably realizes that he fudged up bad and maybe this might give him a chance to maybe apologize or answer a few questions… I think it's probably too soon though that he might get flaked with brutal comment's…… one thing I do know though is you'd have a shitload of people in the Saturday stream just to hear what he would say

  13. First, i'm going to say shame on you for making a story, a bad one at that on your "friend". I high doubt you two will be after this.
    Secondly, as a reporter on game news, you should be abstaining yourself from this due to your relationship.

    All in all, I ain't coming back here for the lack of professional ethic and being a shitty friend.
    This is the type of people that stab you in the back so let the reactions rip people!

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