IGN Reviews – Zelda: Skyward Sword Game Review

The iconic RPG franchise has been going strong for decades without ever becoming stale or boring. Nintendo has somehow managed to keep the magic going, …


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  1. My only complaint with Skyward Sword is that Fi is a complete Captain Obvious character but fortunately not in Hyrule Warriors.

  2. The most embarrassing review ever. Tom McShea from GameSpot told the truth about this game's padding problems, but IGN ignored all of that and gave it a 10. Ridiculous!

  3. The greatest Zelda game ever created? Huh? It is inferior to multiple other Zelda games in terms of gameplay, story, character development, and overall enjoyability…..

  4. "Motion control is the way of the future for the Zelda series" Then came the horrible motion controls in BOTW shrines, definitely not the way of the future.

  5. This game was fine, but I can't give it more then a 6.5/10, the story had bad pacing, the motion controls were tedious, the game had loads of padding, and the bosses weren't quite as good here (I know bosses are a praise of this game but honestly most were bad) and you had to go to areas multiple times it also felt repetitive

    Like it goes: Fetch quest, dungeon, fetch quest, dungeon, fetch quest, and dungeon

    There are great things about this game like the artsyle, combat, and dungeons but overall this game couldn't do it for me

  6. Skyward Sword was a good game but lacked the plot and characters of its predecessors. Whereas Twilight Princess, Wind Walker & Ocarina had intermittent storylines and built relationships with characters throughout the different areas of the game to tie in a story and help it evolve, Skyward Sword is just Link wandering through the new world and chasing after Zelda. The game got better as it went on but just felt empty throughout. Also Fi has to be the WORST companion of all the Zelda games. Contributed nothing and was just plain annoying. Twilight Princess is to me the pinnacle of the Zelda franchise.

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