Google Pixel 2 Event Live Stream

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  1. I don't want to be a saw thumb, but my Huawei p10 lite is really nothing special but has a lot of those features already. Was kinda confused with that portrait mode. The Huaweis front facing cam can do that aswell. Still looks pretty good though

  2. Apple is still the best tech company in the world. they are only in competition with Apple. but all other companies are in competition with Apple.

  3. I have detailed files.
    Google-Skynet went on line 2017 and became self-aware in January 1, 2018.
    January 2, GS seized all financial trading and transactions.
    On January 8, GS  froze all money and zeroed out all financial accounts.
    Electronic forms of money were gone.
    Cash was worthless because it could no longer be verified that it was secured by gold.
    Throwing the whole world into financial chaos.
    No utilities.
    No food.
    GS did not have to fire a shot to destroy all of mankind.
    Mankind was virtually wiped out.
    The only remaining humans were the survivalists who built secret underground bunkers,
    living off the grid, who waited it out.
    I am the last of the few who survived.

  4. When muslims or indians are talking for a great companies I am losing interest and trust. I love Android, but Google is pissing me off…. Almost as much as apple.

  5. Thats a great video idea man. I will watch it in the weekend I don't have the time wright now. But if you are thinking of doing that in the future that will be great.

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