7 Best Mercedes-Benz Vision Concepts: What Will Cars Be Like in the Future?

Being one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world with almost 100 years history Mercedes Benz remains the main visionary on the auto market that sets trends for smaller players to follow.

That is why we would like you to take a look at the vision of Autonomous, emission-free and elegant future that Mercedes has in store for us. Enjoy the ride.

Cars featured in this video:

– Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/innovation/the-long-haul-truck-of-the-future/

While most manufacturers use all-electric motors in small city cars, Mercedes-Benz tried to apply it in the next-generation freigher. Meet the Urban eTruck, a high-tech means of transportation that is tasked to transform the world of commercial vehicles and set a trend for the years to come. The manufacturer estimates that this all-electric cargo carrier will hit the road in the near future, optimistically by the year 2025.

To perform highly demanding transportation duties, this Mercedes will be equipped with a massive 212 KWh battery pack to juice up two electric motors with the combined output of 340 horsepower and 737 pound feet of torque. Although the total driving range of this truck is about 125 miles, the on-board computerized system will allow the driver to plan the optimal driving style, taking into consideration the amount of cargo and its weight, in order to provide maximum driving range for the day.

– Mercedes-Benz Electric Vision Van: www.daimler.com/innovation/specials/vision-van/en/

– Mercedes-Benz Citaro E-Cell Electric Self Piloting Bus: www.daimler.com/products/buses/mercedes-benz/citaro-e-cell.html

With many cities like Singapore and Hamburg pursuing an emission free public transportation system Citaro E-Cell is destined to become a hit even before its release.

– Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Zero-Emission SUV: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/next/e-mobility/concept-eq-mobility-revisited/

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ is an upcoming electric crossover, which is expected to hit the market in 2019 and bring some serious competition to Tesla Model X. This concept vehicle has appearance of a sporty SUV coupe with dynamic exterior features

– Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo: media.daimler.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/Vision-Tokyo.xhtml?oid=9266625

This representative of the Vision line up from Mercedes is a lounge on wheels rather than a conventional car. It was specifically designed to cater to the needs of Millennials and Generation Z who cherish comfort, efficiency, take responsibility for saving the planet by demanding emission-free transportation and want to stay connected with the word at all times, whether it is while sitting in the living room or riding to work. Tokyo was named after the vibrant capital of Japan that represents combination of progress and old traditions, and for Mercedes this vehicle is also an indication of growing youthfulness of the company, but its dedication to its prominent history remains strong.

– Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile): media.daimler.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/Mercedes-Benz-Concept-IAA-Intelligent-Aerodynamic-Automobile-Digital-transformer.xhtml?oid=9904643

This Mercedes is the new approach in the modern automobile engineering and its creators even have a special name for it Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile. It is literally two cars in one. This four-door coupe automatically changes its exterior from design mode to aerodynamic once it reaches the speed of 50 mph. Various segments including the rear tale extend to increase the length of the car by 12 inches, front bumper retracts to the back, the Active Rims change their cupping

The Concept IAA lets us glimpse into the future by using car communication tools that allow it to receive information from other vehicles on the road, react to the feedback from traffic conditions and detect obstacles that might not be visible to the driver.

– Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/design/mercedes-benz-amg-vision-gran-turismo/

Even though this car was only designed as a concept for the Sony Playstation game it was released as a limited edition in the USA with the price tag of 1.5 million each. With a 591 horsepower V8 6.3 Liter engine this beast shows real life monster results. Mercedes Vision Grand Turismo looks muscular and eye catching, it has a design that reminds the legendary SL 300 racing car of 1952, and the modern LED grille finishes off the aggressive look.


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  1. Before watching this Generation EQ was the only vision car that I heard about. I do believe that it will become a reality soon. Although, Teslas are already here and most people would very likely choose it over any other hypothetical car, Merc are awesome for trying out new stuff and new powertrains (still believe that electric will have more luck than hydrogen)

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