Diablo 3: 7 Minutes of Nintendo Switch Gameplay (60FPS) – Gamescom 2018

Check out Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch, running at 60 fps, and targeting 960p when docked! (Featuring the Ganondorf Transmog armor!) UPDATE: The …


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  1. Diablo is amazing, I genuinely believe diablo 3 is the best rpg game made. I really hope blizzard expand on diablo 3 rather than make a new game. More weapons more skills more characters more stages and more storys. and add a remakes of diablo 1 and 2 as expansions for diablo 3 made with the diablo 3 engine, so the standard is identical to the extent of inventory and level up system and control of characters actions.

  2. So an epic fell pretty quickly. I'm guessing the loot drops are going to be more generous similar to the consoles rather than the PC?

  3. A port with a skin a year and a half late into consoles life. Especially with new Diablo projects announced…. They better bring the new thing to switch as well

  4. Have been very unsure about this, but seeing the gameplay is reassuring. I’ve played a few characters on both Xbox and PlayStation pro but am still keen to play this in portable mode. And sorry to all those out there missing the point by complaining about the low resolution. I’ll take that 60fps any day. And anywhere…

  5. I can't wait for Diablo 3!! I'm so happy they finally made a follow up to the second one! Looks great but I wish there is a way I can play it before it comes out on the Switch.

  6. Unfortunately the character models look quite blurry and not up to scratch. Ps4 runs it so much better. The environment is also lower resolution by the looks of it. HUD looks very crisp in comparison. Not sure I'll get this. Will wait for a proper graphical analysis of this game.

  7. I appreciate how they put different coloured very bright arrows underneath each the characters! it gets really crazy on screen. U need something like that. There is also something similar to that on another game i have thats can get pretty heavy on combat.

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