Is the Pocophone F1 Phone Legit? Matte Black AirPods? Ask MKBHD V31!

August has been nuts. We gotta lot to talk about! The new merch: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. Everyone here arguing about when autumn actually starts and here I am more suprised that they had 280gb of footage for this 'simple' video. I can't imagine all these sd cards, external drives and so on you have to carry with you.

  2. I imagine you're a full time worker, get up in the morning like 6-7am probably stop work around 5 or 6pm maybe later. You're reviews usually take over a week to come out for a latest big release so I estimate an average review will take over 50 hours of work but likely under 100

  3. Can someone tell me when summer ends? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW.
    I'd scroll through the comments but its not like everyone would type the same comment.

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