Bitcoin Cash Division, 60K BTC, & Facebook Censorship Increases – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bobby Lee still calling for $60,000 Bitcoin, GMO Internet calls out Bitmain, Iran national crypto, and Facebook and Twitter heat up the censorship.

Bitcoin 60k – Please note I mistakenly refer to Bobby as Tom during the video

Bitcoin at $60K Matter of ‘When,’ Not ‘If’ — Says Bobby Lee

Senator Defends Bitcoin

Hydro Dam

GMO Internet

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Abandons Bitcoin Cash Mining

Bitcoin Cash

Crypto Card Game



Dangerous Memes

Crypto Art



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  1. Steemit is shit. D-tube is shit. And that's the problem we have on our hands Lark. Even content creators like yourself who have no love of Youtube, FB, Twitter, or similar have their hands tied to these censorship prone social media dictatorships because you know there's no audience at BitTube and the rest. Any thoughts on how to solve the dilemma?

  2. Its funny you are like FAKE NEWS and just look for negative news and never report the huge developments and partnerships for BCH. And you seem to get very affected by Craig Wright who knows BITCOIN better than anyone. You seem to get angry that Bitcoin Cash are trying to be true to Bitcoin Whitepaper very weird mate. You talk on censorship?LOL you have people like that Harrylasagna deleting anyone who gives slight debate on yr channel. Be more honest Mr Lark .

  3. lark your in new zealand , a little global warming would be terrific for your country , your a human which means your empathy rarely goes further than family and freinds , if you really care about the planet sell everything and save the lives of a 1000 starving babys in africa , of course you will justify this as unreasonable or go through cognitive dissadence , so the reality is your wealth is more important to you than the lives of a 1000 african babys . its ok my mobile phone is more important too me than 10 starving babys , if it wasnt i would sell my phone and send the money to africa to feed them , in closing my point is, as humans we are all selfish , its built in to our DNA , the only question is ,how selfish .

  4. Would love to hear your opinion on LSK (Lisk) someday. Also I'm sure Montana has plenty of areas for wind and water energy. And lol to the black lotus trade.. But I mean Star Wars CCG was the shit back in the day in fact I'm ebaying all of mine now… Sadly none of them will bring in 87k!!! Wtf?!?

  5. yes very much agree such a conflict of words when montana is concerned about a coal plant that might hurt crypto, when the governments are some what against crypto, just a mix message of words they always bring to the table but you never know, people change their minds with education, anyways always makes the community so interesting, thanks for the update Sincerely John of Exciting World Cryptos

  6. Hey lark thanks for another great update. How come there are never adds at the beginning of your videos? Not that I like adds but I think you should be getting paid for your content, ☮️??❤️

  7. Lark: quick question: Do you think KuCoin KCS coin is a pretty safe bet for some better gains Eventually? I mean it was once at $23 and now it's at $1.30 lol. Or am I missing something? Is there a reason why it won't go to an ATH?

  8. Facebook disgust me – actively dividing people for $$. Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a wall around his Hawaiian property – such a hypocrite.

  9. I really love how you also post when the market is down and still going red. It shows how you really belive in the system and that you are in it for the long run and not only for sick gains like other youtubers.

  10. crypto the last true freedom island, I can see it only growing bigger and bigger, it s a safe harbour against all the censorship going on which will be bigger and bigger

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