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  1. this game deserves at least a 9.5 IF NOT A 10 . If you people don't know what I'm talking about then just watch the Kotaku review and hear a real review

  2. 3:36 The bunny girl and puff-puff stuff has been in DQ since it began, and if those aren't in it then it's not even the same game.
    And this is a world that has HUGE buff beefcake dudes walking around without shirts, and you complain about only the girls being sexualized? That's sexist.

  3. Thank you IGN for pointing out there's a quest where you have to dress up female characters in sexy outfits and dialogue about "consent". I'll be sure to laugh and enjoy those parts even more now that you pointed them out as negatives!!

  4. This is Japan and you're pissing and moaning about skimpy female outfits. Where have you been since the 90s? If it was a male character you'd just see it as comedy right?

  5. all the jokes that your criticizing as being out of place have been there sense the beginning of the series. so its not aged fantastic sure, but its been around for almost 4 years.

  6. I agree with the reviewer. Sexualization of female characters don't bring anything to the story and is tiresome. Is time the industry grows up.

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