Will This Be Your First Smartwatch?

Ticwatch website: https://bst.is/a/e8iO0WMvMlr Ticwatch is having a Christmas sale on their website, use “whitechristmas” to get 15% off on all watch purchases.


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  1. You should make a video with the Matrix PowerWatch. This is another amazing smart watch! It can charge by using your body heat power, it works on iOS and Android both.

  2. The display did not look that great on the watch. And for $200, I would just get a better brand watch. I just got a gear s3 and the rotating bezel, amoled screen, and mobile pay are definitely awesome features that make it a quality watch. It's an expensive accessory/extension for a phone but so was the PSVR to the ps4 and now I can't live without em

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