The Best VR Games & Experiences Of Gamescom 2018

Here are the best VR games and experiences from Gamescom 2018. I put together a roundup of all the virtual reality content I tried at at the show and have …


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  1. Arizona Sunshine LB is how I imagine some Santa Cruz games will be! 😀 At least when you have a group of friends that also buy one..
    Side note: Those "flying machines" remind me of something out of The Lawnmower Man. lol

  2. I get that VR js new and all but these games lack so much when they could be so much more I was so excited to see the newest games to be released but everyone was a disappointment for me. Looks like I'll have to wait until 2025 to even see something worth playing.

  3. It seems to me I'll have to find an ideal stool for those cybershoes. maybe like a cup bike seat with a bit of a belt to keep you in place, taller though so the knees only bend a little.

    And Arizona sunshine LB is a prototype for the future, I imagine we will start seeing them all over the place if all you need is some headsets, trackers, and a large square play area.

  4. Great job on the reviews I really enjoyed it. I really like the Cybershoes but they need a setup like the Omni where you can stand up that is going to be the hardest part for treadmills to keep people from falling down. I was amazed at the HTC Wireless that was really good being able to move around without the wire in the way I have tried TPCast and there was a bad latency with it not real bad but enough to notice. I think the next gen VR headsets really need to be wireless.

  5. Great video Mike! I tried everything but the cybershoes and the Icarus (since I tested Icarus 2 years ago). I can only that the Arizona Sunshine with Boston tech demo was hands down not only the best VR experience, but the best experience at Gamescom overall! I know that the devs from bHaptcis met the Vertigo +Boston team during the Gamescom. Now we can hope that one day we will mix this technologies. Maybe by the end of the year, we can buy a bHaptics vest 🙂

  6. There it is again: Disorientating, or disorientated. I think the word is disoriented or disorienting. No "tate" in there. I realize it's a British thing now, but it just sounds so wrong. They are not even in the dictionary. But Urban Dictionary has it: disorientated
    A word describing one who has lost his/her bearings or direction.
    Disorientated is the British English form of the American word Disoriented, and is not incorrect or 'ignorant' by any means or measure.
    I standeth correctedeth. Love the videos; I'm new to VR with an Oculus Rift and need good reviews before I spend my money. Cheers from Massachusetts.

  7. Great vid. How many Wireless transponders did they have on the walls in the Arizona sunshine game for the four wireless headmounted recievers and one giant PC?

  8. a fishermans tale looks cool, and that transference game. sad to say the only vr games i keep playing are pavlov, onward, beat saber, dirt rally, assetto corsa and project cars 2. most other games i just havnt found interesting enough to keep playing. i love the realism of onward though. even if i prefer just playing with bots. wish it had a campaign. or even better, i wish h3vr had a campaign/ story/ actual enemies.. instead of sausages.. lol

    but vr is definitely improving, and there is a lot of content out there now. cant wait for some proper AAA games. and developers have to realise that if you are making an fps in vr, it has to feel realistic/ immersive. you HAVE to hold double handed guns with TWO hands, you HAVE to have realistic manual reload controls… etc etc.

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