Game of Thrones: The Game – Video Review

Does Game of Thrones the game impress as much as the television series? Head over to IGN for more Game of Thrones: …


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  1. Why don't they make an RTS based on the show, you create your own army fighting four a house, the prize is the iron throne train units coustomise armies that would be nice,

  2. There should be a skyrim like rpg with large scale battles and takes place 100 year after the events of the show and book. As you explore westeros you hear legends about the dragon queen an the bastatd king in the north. Maybe you even find a huge hibernating drogon in the ruins of valeria.

  3. They should make a GOT strategy/RPG like game that leaves you with a lower house and banner like in the series and you gotta make decisions to influenece how your house grows to power or fails. You should be able to make your house better or worse through politics, marrying off bloodlines to other houses and waging wars, taxing citizens certain amounts and so on. All the elements involved can impact how your citizens percieve your house and what becomes of it. Make it like the witcher in the exploring aspect, maybe not as advanced, but also add a big strategy part to the gameplay. That being said companies like bethesda, naughty dog, or even cd projekt red seem like the best suited to make such a game

  4. Naughty Dog should make a Game Of Thrones game instead. Even if they make a new story or follow the original – we ALL know they can make amazing games.

  5. Too bad, i had hope this would be an action beat em all type, and not super buggy as shown here… i love the TV series, started to watch it late, but really into it, but ill pass this game.

  6. yeah it has a lot of issues, but come on…its like 2 bucks on psn right now. .  the price of a chocolate bar at a movie theatre

  7. they really ruined a good series with linear boring tale telling game, atleast try to make it openworld pfft , waste of amazing ip

  8. this game lost me from the opening cutscenes. i was at least glad i had the option to tell my executioner to kill me already…(so i didnt have to listen to poorly scripted dialogue anymore). cant remember playing a game that is this bad (generic graphics, characters, story and gameplay) for many years. btw, if you think game of thrones is a great story, i really pity you.

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