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  1. Though the concept seems amazing, the gameplay mechanics seems super complex. Also not digging the fact about unlimited cards at hand or unlimited cards at deck. Seems like it will be very hard to manage. Hopefully they implement some interactive tutorials to help things out.

  2. are u kiddin gme? this looks like one game of artifact will take at least 30min+ thats far too long imo. in hearthstone the average game time if you play aggro is 6min and even with control decks its only around 13min average per game. (source:

  3. Well at the very least its looks like its not as derivative of magic as Heartstone is (and a lot of others) although its still not exactly brimming with originality although ofc as long as its fun not every game has to be hugely original.

    Love card games but im done with TCG/CCGs at least until I see something that really surprises me with how different it is. That said I will likely give it a go for a bit (few hours) if its free and see if it can prove my expectations wrong.

  4. Valve: "You have 3 boards, and need 2 take-downs to win"
    Me: "Why? This could be done with just one board…"

  5. This isn't noob friendly,but maybe that's why I like it. Reminds me of how hard my first few games of DoTA and DOTA 2 were. But here I am,still playing for more than 9 years and still loving it. ??

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