Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Price is Crashing, Why? BTC & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – why is the crypto market crashing? Goldman Sachs pulling out? Silk Road dump? And why all of this is just temporary, bullish news incoming. High times still wants Bitcoin, and Queensland goes crypto.

Goldman Sachs


Silk Road Bitcoin

Abra ETF


Canada Bitcoin

Canadian Ghost Town Gambles on Bitcoin for a New Chance at Life


Ether Futures


Queensland Token

WORLD FIRST: Iconic Queensland island to be tokenised


High Times


Ledger EOS




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  1. Hey Lark, not sure if I am allowed but I'd like to shout out for Pigzbe who is running their ICO currently and have pegged the ETH value at $294.These guy have a great project, awesome team and are helping people make the ETH go further in this current drop! DYOR guys, of course, I just wanted to shout out these guys because what they are doing right now, is pretty cool!

  2. I see a big problem. When a new company decides to accept Bitcoin or another Altcoin as payment, (eg. Rolls Royce and such…) this has a bad effect on our overall market cap. explanation: You pay $100k in crypto for your new car. That car company now has to sell that crypto back to dollar to pay its costs like workers and supplies. In the case of Rolls Royce, until their suppliers also accept crypto there is no way to stop these sell offs as the company needs to keep selling cars. Our market price needs to contract more, favorably resulting in a more stable 1%-2% change per day. Then becoming more valuable (due to scarcity). But we will have to wait a bit longer for your average companies to join ship.
    On the futures topic, back when we seen the bitcoin futures. All of the bad coins got caught out by the short seekers. People should understand that shorting gives people, profit when they find the 'shit coins'. But as soon as there are less shit coins about the bitcoin brand becomes a lot safer and overall stronger. Keep this in mind for the upcoming Ethereum. Including the ICO's that accepted Eth as funding are now under the cush! There will be more people looking to short what they believe is bad. I feel we need to spot these fakes before they do and call them out publicly.
    This is the reason when a short goes down there are multiple pieces of negative news. Just to make the short is successful. Thats your manipulation!

  3. Great Video, I know it sounds crazy but Wealthy investors and rich people don't want the average person making money or being pioneers. Greed is a monster in the world. It takes only an angel to show you ways how to make money. I have been in the crypto space for so long trying to figure when to buy and when not to. I ran into luck when I contacted Charles Garry from the comment section of a video and he gave me his professional guidance and also recommended good graph for me with accurate signals . It was my first time of trading cryptocurrency and I have felt confident in my decisions. I have made 10 times on my trading capital in 3 weeks and with the market making large moves and the support and mentoring I get from Garry, I am going for even bigger goals. Charles is available for reach on */Telegram **(+1-631-620-6929) and via **email * (charlesgarry95@gmail. com)

  4. It really has no change on my position. I'm not expecting institutions for awhile. Lots of great mining info lately. Lol.. they spelled rekt wrong. ? Nice NAV competition for sure.

  5. Glad u mentioned the Keppel island sale (Thank you!). This strangely enough has been plugged & pumped heavily on aged mainstream investment TV & radio programs such as 3AW aged money shows & elderly audience cable TV finance programs. I am astounded at the extensive mainstream marketing of this project, visible to places where the word Bitcoin might as well be a four letter word for fornication. Therefore it really is helping to integrate Crypto with mainstream adoption in a very tangible way. As a symptom the success or failure of this project will have a massive impact on mainstream and 'old money' sentiment long term (in Aus). Like it or hate it… its success or failure will have a very long term influence on crypto sentiment. Either dooming it or paving the way for a new type of investment or altcoin future.

  6. First time viewer, I stopped watching the crypto schmucks of YouTube (Bix Weird in particular), but I like your format a lot, good info, entertaining, and this video wasn't overly lengthy as you steamroll through it all at a good pace.

  7. Well that 25% profit I had on my portfolio over the last 3 weeks has been wiped out in about 14 hours. Hope the millionaire manipulators made a ton of money.

  8. Keppel Island is a lovely spot, went there before Christmas last year. It's got the old resort thats in ruin and lovely reefs to dive. It has good internet connection too, was watching my crypto moon… and then that crash happened shortly after, remember that downtrend, the one we are still in 🙁

  9. No real evidence that FUD caused this dump – probably whales or bank traders that manipulate this to cause it the market to drop like this. Bots and central system whales working to get in at the lowest low.

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