Huawei P20 review

The worst thing about the Huawei P20 is the Huawei P20 Pro – but don’t cast of the smaller sibling before you watch our full Huawei P20 Review. We run you …


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  1. Was starting to sell myself on it. Then in the final quarter of the video NO HEADPHONE JACK. Damn it. That's a deal breaker.

  2. My phone is 5 days old. I just noticed it today as I listen carefully to its speakers and feeling it through vibration, the left speaker is not emitting sound nor vibrating (as a indication that it works as the right speaker does.)
    Is this normal or I have a defective unit? Please reply ASAP, so I can go to the store and ask for replacement.
    Thank you.

  3. Can we use wireless earphone like iphone 7 plus for this phone??plz help me getting information about it..i think i love this p20.maybe i will be buying this one

  4. There's no reason to get the regular P20 instead of the Mate 10 Pro, now with identical prices. More RAM, amoled screen, water resistant, dual speakers, bigger battery, no notch, finger print sensor on the back, and identical or even better camera.

  5. you seem obsesses with oled screens, i think you've been lucky of not having screen burns on oleds… like many others have, like myself on every oled phone, for example i held sgs sgs2 sgs4 sgs7 and g note3 and all had screen burns after 6 months of use

  6. Youtube reviewers do NOT talk about the awful selfie camera. Everything is washed out and my old P10 is way better at this. I'm disappointed on my new P20. You may be sponsored by Huawei for the launching but pls stop your obvious biases!

  7. So… I've been in every mobile phone shop in the crummy city I live in and not one assistant could help me listen to either the P20 or P20 Pro because they don't have a dongle adapter for the USB port to 3.5mm headphone jack. I did however listen to the P20 Lite and although OK I had to have the audio on full to get the kind of sound I prefer. I'm guessing the P20 and P20 Pro might be the same. Looks like I'll be going for the HTC U12+ which will have Boomsound on it. At least that way I'm guaranteed a great music player.

  8. OMG!!! Please will one reviewer talk about the audio through headphones. I'm getting so bored hearing about the camera on every review! My main use of a phone is to listen to my music collection and I'm keen to know how the P20 performs, not through the onboard mono speaker but through headphones. Guess I'll have to drag my sorry arse down to Carphone Warehouse with my Byron's and find out for myself…

  9. I feel like the low light capabilities on the p20 are overhyped
    I mean with night mode turned off, the s9 takes much better low light shots
    Night mode essentially is a 4 sec exposure
    I tried to shoot in this exposure in one of the s9 low light exhibits, it didn't look so bad

    So I do think it would be better to compare the p20 and s9 with both on 4 sec exposure or plain auto

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