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  1. I don't like how small the graphics on the cards are….
    Like…The entire reason you're playing is for the actual cards…but they're tiny af.

  2. Complete RNG bullshit game. No skill required only luck. When you brawl 2 turns in a row and it picks the same enemy out of 6 minions both times and that minion was buffed both turns you can see where i'm coming from. Garbage game, I shouldn't have reinstalled.

  3. Guys should I get hearthstone. Im not usually into card games but this looks appealing to me mainly cuz of the class system and the simple actions the card does. How much does it cost?

  4. i really like this game…i suck at magic the gathering so when my friend said i should play this i thought the learning curve would be just as hard as Magic's but it's really easy to learn and really fun

  5. People that say this game is "pay to win", either are really bad at it or they don't want to take the time to learn the game. I don't mean learning the rules either. I mean taking time to try different card combinations and tweaking their deck(s) to see what works.

  6. Well i never played any card games before. i don't really like them, but man this game is addictive. i have spent so many hours. As for the the pay to win thing some people say, yeah sure more money = better cards. but i haven't spent any and still doing good. almost got legend too. you must have patience. The one thing i'd like to mention though is how difficult the game has become for newcomers since the release of Naxx and GVG. I think blizzard should do something about this. Besides that, hearthstone is a great game 

  7. I have a question for anyone who's played both Hearthstone and MTG. Do you feel like not being able to play anything on your opponent's turn takes away from the interest or excitement in this game?

  8. i have a question? can you add people on hearthstone? cuz i want someone to help me out on hearthstone so yeah reply if you know if you can add people 

  9. I really like the game, but i think having an ingame store for people to sell their cards for money would ruin the balance of things. I hope that wizard also realizes this :3

  10. I'm a former competative Magic: The Gathering player and experienced in TCG's and I can assure you that HS is not(!) pay to win. As a (quite) above avarage player, I had not to pay any money at all by winning regulary in the arena mode, and getting myself enough gold to get top tier decks without having to pay a single cent. It's a fun experience and even strong decks for basically no price at all are no availabe for everybody. just massage me if you need help/advice.

  11. Why do people say it's pay to win? I've been having a blast and even if I lose it doesn't feel that it's because they have better cards than me but that the cards I drew just weren't the ones I wanted or he outplayed me. It's fun and grinding for months doesn't seem bad since I'm having a blast.

  12. People before  you install this game you have to know that you will either grind for months to get some decent deck that will be useless when the ''meta'' swifts or you will pay 60-100$.There is no way around.This is a cute pay to win game, anyone telling you otherwise is either too new in the game or a kiddo that payed and wants to feel a good player.If rank 10-9 is good for you ok the game is good.If you want higher rank without paying then it's not.

  13. the most annoying thing are slow players
    I mean some ppl online rly need 90 sec for almost every turn
    this is hella annoying srsly
    step up your game 

  14. If you are a new player get ready to spend $$$. If not prepare yourself for weeks of grinding gold. Dont play any ranked games, you will be destroyed by people with full decks of rare and legendary cards. 

  15. You left out the details of interactive backgrounds and the simple clicking on the dirt so it would be like a stomp… But the game is nowhere near that good… It's really unbalanced, I started playing when the free beta came at the same time as my friends, played it for a couple of weeks and then stopped, while my friends kept playing, when I went back to it and played versus them their decks where so much better because of rare cards that I hardly had any shot if I didn't get extremely lucky… And a game shouldn't be like that…

  16. This game is extremely unbalanced. The game sucks and is for retards to stupid to play magic. Cards that can destroy an entire field only cost four mana points. How fucking stupid is that.

  17. i wish they make godzilla trading card game 2….the first one was pretty awesome but has some flaws….i think godzilla trading card battle should be revived if card games are going to get moved into video game world. 

    godzilla card game was the only card game that i have ever played that features 2 separate decks 1) main deck and 2) battle deck for each player…and only card game that has RPG system built into it (such as minions gaining experience, leveling up, transforming into different stages in game)

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