Ever Tried Bone Conduction?

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  1. I cannot afford these headphones sadly. I've been suffering from conductive hearing loss my whole life and now that I'm older my hearing only getting worse. I would love nothing more then to listen to music and actually be able to understand what being sung or maybe figure a way to turn these into bone conduction Diy hearing aids.

  2. Setups like this are used by SWAT so that they can hear their surroundings while being able to communicate vital information. There should be little to zero audio bleed so that people close by can't hear the vital information. When your speaking into them, the person could be 3 floors up, but sound like they're right next to you.

  3. This tech has been around for awhile. The best part about being a magician is that the toys or tool's we use aren't much different then what spys and the CIA uses just to create impossible effect's!

  4. Once you get used to how they feel when playing music they are even better after about 6 months of using only a pair of Trekz Titianiums I don't get the same enjoyment out of any other headphones especially earbuds. the titaniums have replaced all my other headphones

  5. This is based on a hearing aid tech that's been around for decades. It is in fact very old tech. Good tech but hardly new.

    That said, if it wasn't so reliant on having ears, if probably buy a pair.

  6. Rough quote:” upon going deaf, Beethoven bit a metal pole affixed in his piano to hear the music through vibrations through his teeth”

    Dan Brown, Origin

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