Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Review

Raiding ancient tombs and exploring dense environments is still outstanding in Lara’s latest, but the mechanics of the reboot series are getting as rough and …


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  1. Everything since "Captain America: Civil War" has been apologetics for NeoLiberal Sociopathy. Is getting really old. We can't even have heroes with actual ethics and morals any more. If I wanted to see Malignant Narcissism in action I'd watch Government Meetings on C-Span or see Videos from Davos. We need an UNCONFLICTED Hero – Like Zorro again. Light and Darkness Cannot Occupy the Same Space.

  2. Assassin's creed gives us the same shit every year for the last 100 years but GAMESPOT thinks it's ok to give a 7.0 or 9.0 …
    I still agree that the overall physics could be improved but the score seems to be unfair..

  3. 2 major things are wrong in his video the fact that they made the review full with spoilers and the fact that they only only gave it a FREAKING 6 when it deserves a 8-9

  4. At first this fker is crying about the game letting you know who is easier to kill by making them yellow and then again crying that the game wont let you know where you are getting shot from. What do you want dude?? Choose 1.

  5. A laughable review from a laughable reviewer for a laughable outlet. Eventually these pricks will be left with no job, maybe then the majority of the reviews will be done by people who actually know what to address in a review.

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