Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

A bigger world, higher stakes, and an unexpected spin on Lara Croft’s character make Shadow of the Tomb Raider the most ambitious in the modern trilogy.


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  1. wow. the amount of crybabies complaining about how it only got a higher rate than Spiderman because it has a female protagonist truly boggles my mind. it got a different score because it's a completely different game that caters to a different audience and was reviewed by a different critic. you people are insufferable

  2. Amazing been anxiously waiting ever since I finished Rise ?. I hope that future games while probably tackling a older Lara still keeps the style of these games. It's been incredible.

  3. Tomb raider
    Great gameplay, great story, Lara is a bit obsessed which makes awkward – 9.0

    Mario oddysey
    Great gameplay(if you're 10), another generic Mario saves princess story and zero character development, Mario has no personality he doesn't even talk and he's a bit obsessed which has always been awkward- 10/10

    Yeah IGN you're so consistent ?‍♂️

  4. Keep in mind this one is not developed by the same studio (Crystal Dynamics) as the two previous games. They are only providing support this time.

  5. Its nice to heard tomb raiding is becoming more of the focus, the previous two games felt more like Uncharted games than they did a true Tomb Raider game.

  6. The Spider-Man bias in this comments section, from people who have never even played Shadow of the Tomb Raider, is shocking. I thought you guys wanted impartial reviews? Should we change that to "impartial reviews as long as superheroes always win"?

    Not to mention that Spider-Man and Tomb Raider almost have identical scores. Two separate reviewers with their own opinions and preferences think these games are about a 9/10. So what's the issue? Shouldn't we just be pleased to have two great games to choose from?

  7. For All of you who can stand how IGN rates games, Check out ACGs channel BEST reviewer I've ever seen. Sometimes his videos all a lil long but he always hits the mark where it should be concerned, on ALL aspects of a game.

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