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  1. I got this game $7.50, edition that comes with all the DLC on special sell on Xbox One. Haven't played much of it, but I'm enjoying it. I got to play it more, hopefully this weekend my days off, I can play it longer to give it a full taste of it. IGN reviews are always garbage. I believe most people come to watch them for the comedic relieve.

  2. Y'know what? I love Saints Row and I have a soft spot for Crackdown, the game and its dlc is currently on sale (at the time of this comment) for like fifteen bucks (CDN) I'm finally going to see what this spinoff/reboot has to offer.

  3. One of the few reviews I actually agree with. This game isn't as bad as everyone is trying to make ignoring to be. It would just be BETTER if it wasn't related to (or had the direct relation to) saints row. Would've been cooler as an original iP. It having Multiplayer would've been a nice touch but I was fine without it.

  4. So how exactly is this tied into the saints row universe? I see the saints emblem and I heard that Pierce is in this game but is that really all that connects to the universe?

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