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  1. Yes this game have good end game mechanisms but it still old game style like pass D2 : I think ING 7 out of 10 is a good review for theses days till its just and Hack&Slash (very redundant) . You should try newest game bro like KCD (Best real RPG ever) or Far Cry 5. Also can wait for BF5 or Cyberpunk 2077! You make me feel like those who are playing Skirym or D2 over & over in 2018 when there is so much game around!

  2. For different reasons than ign, I feel around an 8 is a good rating for this game. I also feel it's a tad overrated by the fanbase. Mechanics and contents are solid but it lacks polish in details. It lacks "soul" it's kinda hard to describe

  3. PoE sucks, D3 and D2 sucks. Redundant motherfuckers. Legendary/Unique items are garbage and so random, hell, I played at level 65 witch and it dropped a unique for a low level shadow claw. Piece of shit game of the same thing. Fortnite Rules.

  4. "Reviewer didn't rate the game I like as high as I think it should be, better bash them for playing the game the way they did and not taking into account some mechanics that aren't available after putting in a full 40/hr job like work ethic to get to." While I don't think reviews by the big companies should be read without a grain of a salt, I honestly think bashing someone for giving a review lower than you think a game deserves is petty. This entire video could be summed up a lot better by simply saying, "Eh, I don't feel like the reviewer either had the time or put in the time to get to the parts of the game that would change his perspective on a few things and swing the score a little higher." Fanboying about this game and crying that someone gave a score too low is pathetic. 9.5/10 and "no game deserves a 10/10"??? That's a fucking copout. You want to give the game 10/10, but due to some personal moral compass you won't. "If you don't like ARPG's, then the game is an 8." What?…………..

  5. I’ve played about 1400 hours of this game, and the depth and build variety is amazing, but it’s also sufficiently complex that a new player should follow a build guide their first time through.

    The game does a terrible job of explaining those complex mechanics, though, and “Math of Exile” is a serious issue. The economy is also intimidating, and websites like are more or less part of the gameplay.

    Great game, but it’s definitely for a niche market.

  6. You might have forgotten to mention that PoE is incredibly hard compared to any other ARPG but aside from that, everything is on-damn-point. Let's get some more players in on this masterfully crafted game.

  7. I wont judge a book by its cover most of the time, but I will judge it by its first few chapters. If a piece of entertainment fails to hook me in a positive manner than I usually come to the conclusion that it isn't worth my time. With that being said I love Path of Exile, however I realize that my opinion of the game is exactly that an opinion and this IGN writer is simply subjecting us to his. Path of Exile is not a player friendly game and it has a lot of attributes that would undoubtedly turn off the casual gamer so I do believe whole heatedly that the IGN writer did think the game was mediocre in his eyes. Also putting PoE agaisnt Warframe there is no contest, warframe is superior in most ways but endgame. GGG, as much as I love the game, is super greedy and to me value is everything in gaming.

  8. You review is from someone who is a player of Arpg. Who know the game mechanic probably more then average. So Yes you think this game is way better then what IGN said. This is fine, the game is not for an IGN gamer, he is for an ARPG fans. But try this…. Lets just think about the game is explain, and try the same thing on Diablo 3. Who got the best game mechanic for someone who just start in this genre? For sure if I only play 85 hour of both game… Diablo 3 is better then Path of exile on most thing….. But a player of an ARPG don't play only 85 hours…. We play 2000 and more hours. Then now Diablo 3 start to get very boring with everything given to you, no effort in finding anything, money is useless and trading is out of question…. Playing just for ladder or greater rift start to get boring pretty fast, every character are the same after you have level one. Path of exile is more custom, you have to know what you do… The first time you try it, you gonna fail or play way too much time on a character who can be made way better and way faster. You might say, this game is too hard, but as soon as you start to understand stuff it get better and better. You might create your own build that nobody use or try someone else one. The higher you challenge yourself, the higher your task become, but the fun also become in the detail of the game…. Like making your first 6 links or just kill your first Atziri or get to the shaper. The more hour you get into this game the better it's. The inverse goes to Diablo 3. The more time you get into it, the more anyone you become and see how much they take you by the hand and lets you only play with small wheel. But as you can see… IGN only play 85 hours, they don't see why people like this game so much…. If I was a new gamer…. Diablo 3 is better quality from the shelf, but for an old gamer like me who have play more then 5000 hours of PoE. Diablo 3 is a shitty game.

  9. i laughed so hard when i saw the review and he said he took 75 hours to complete the story while he was hitting a monster and barely taking life from it 🙂 haha, thx for the laugh ign. and yeah path of exile is atleast 910

  10. I downloaded this game on XB1 but it looks sooooooo intimidating and overwhelming lol. I want to try it but then I see gameplay and feel like I'd be in over my head.

  11. Problem is half "These EditorReviewers " From Fancy Pants Companies Don't Play For the Reason We do For the Sheer Hell Of Enjoyment,for oh ah interesting i need deem Shinies ,must get loot
    woot woot! grinding for hours,WoW is wow and take the average player 1-3 days of physical game play to level a character ,A new comer probably 15 days + then to only spends thousands of hours "3300 plus in my case" grinding end game content or getting achievements can't forget those, and it applies to anyone that would play in POE ,hell Exile is way better then Diablo 3 sorry Blizzard you need to get your Game back on Fire! sadly Diablo 3 where the Community is dying in the masses waiting for something that will not come for years ,POE has Constant Releases of updates,that are meaning full a friend finally got me to start and I'm loving it and Yes Warframe is Awesome!

  12. Didn't they in this patch combine vaal skills with normal skills -> Vaal skill was powerfull skill that required souls and took a ability slot from equipment -> now that the Vaal skills have the normal skill (TWO IN ONE PACKED!) where before you used normal skill now you can use vaal skill and you will also get the vaal skill with the normal skill ^_^

    Edit: I took a look. my current charather in end of act 8 has 18 horus played. Total path of exile game time for me is +350 hours and I have only played up to tier 2 maps 😀

    Side note. When the 10 acts games I played the whole story, I think that was easy 40hours + how long all the voice lines are? 😀 I think it is between 40 and 80 horus played then ^_^ took my sweet time

    Second edit: I bough my self access to path of exile closed beta, I think that was 2012 . . . at that point I don't think PoE was even on steam so my early gameplay is not in these horus 😀 and still I have not seen tier 2 maps higher content my self ^_^ This season . . . meybe . . .

    I play on and off because I play a lot of different games 😀 and currently I'm playing PoE, Overwatch, Divinity original sin enchanted edition and should play Hellblade 😀
    So it is normally I play game for 2 weeks then come back in 4 months or longer xD

  13. I am just 1:10 into the video and you already lied to your audience, misrepresented facts and totally fanboyed all over the Game!

    Don't get me wrong i play PoE for years, have thousands of hours in the game and founded its development, i haven't watched/read the IGN review but i am not surprised about the review at all. I personally would rate it similar or even lower than that! The game is an absolute mess from start to finish, especially ppl who have been playing PoE for a long time are prone to frustration over how long specifich changes take to get implemented, how buggy the new content is at release and how poorly the game is balanced (it totally isn't balanced and the Dev's have no intention to ever do so, they already admitted to meta shifting what they do basically every major update)! The game is of absolute garbage quality compared to almost every other serious game especially considering the player numbers, the visuals of the game are a non priority to them as they purely focus on MTX (micro transactions [although its hard to call these prices micro]) visuals for their income (obviously overpriced and in loot boxes!) Granted they implement "new content" every so often but in reality none of it is new but recycling or using new means to gain what has been in the game already but in a way that was far less grindy! GGG themselves already admit that all they do is for the sake of player retention and nothing else! With every update the game becomes less friendly to ppl who actually want to enjoy a normal ARPG and becomes ore of a fucking mobile game with infinite upgrades to chase which hardly make a difference and a ridiculous trail to chaise. Everything not complex enough will get changed into ridiculous levels of complexity for the sake of complexity alone! (see stash tabs).

    The fact that ppl call this money making engine of a wanna be D2 clone a successor to the best ARPG ever made is a joke and clearly shows that the current ARPG player base doesn't even understand what made D2 so great or has never played the game to begin with. Chris had luck Blizz hired the least competed ppl for the development of D3 out there, if it was anything like D2 then PoE would have never gained traction to begin with, fitting to that he sold 96% of his company to tencent right before blizzcon which allegedly will feature multiple Diablo project reveals.

    Am i triggered? Yeah i am, i purchased multiple supporter packs, believed into this game and my trust was met with amazing changes and additions to the game and for a moment it looked like PoE would become a game far superior to D2 not only in content but also in quality, complexity and freedom. But then GGG became what EA is at this point, a business and nothing else…
    Maybe its a good thing that publisher and developer usually work separate from each other, bc PoE is what happens if they are one and the same!

  14. Lol. The reviewer spent 75 hours on the story?…. how the fuck could they give it a review when they haven't tried the actual game? the actual game doesn't begin until you've finished the story. IGN really do have some shit writers there and it would appear some rather inept gamers.

  15. core mechanics alone POE is a beast of a game.
    build your own passive skills
    mix and match your skills
    craft / farm items that fits your build
    class ascendancy
    skill + unique item interactions
    currency system (better than the good old ingame money system)

    and, 75-80 hours to finish the main campaign… clearly the reviewer does not have any idea what he/she is doing…

  16. Honestly I think the reviewer didn't play 80+ hours of PoE. That review doesn't sound like it's written by someone who spent that time playing. Rather it sounds like someone who played until Malachai, died a few times, got fed up and decided to review the game based on a few old YT videos and IGN's own old reviews of PoE. There are inaccuracies and misinformation in the article that point out to an earlier version of PoE, not PoE after 3.0

  17. they were giving Diablo 3 more hype which released on the switch just recently. Make one game look bad and they will run for the obvious other. IGN is a joke. I agree with you.

  18. Reviews are opinions… the outlet didn’t review the game, a single author did. Some reviewers at ign have more weight then others in my eyes, but to fault the entire outlet is a little extreme.

  19. i got 450h to the game and havent gotten to end boss yet xD since i want to find the build that suits me best but DAMN there is alot of them but i still find it funn to play no matter how many times you die in HC

  20. Acts 1 – 10: Repetitive, predictable, boring. Endgame: Repetitive, predictable, boring. Whole game boils down to pressing 1 button to move, then holding 1 button and watching everything explode. You can you play 1000+ hours of this game with 2 buttons. Past Act 4 or 5 gear this game requires absolutely no concentration outside of "boss" fights, which require at best semi-concentration. You will be doing the basically the same content during hour 1000 as you will during hour 1. PoE is a wealth simulator disguised as an ARPG. People are losing their shit about Delve…you follow a moving object, holding 1 button, hovering up loot, rinse, repeat. Wow, game changing. PoE has it's charms, GGG is a great dev and it has one of the best F2P models in the industry but I think IGNs 7.whatever is about right IN MY OPINION. Which is what this boils down to. You obviously enjoy this game more so rate it higher, that doesn't discredit the fact others see it differently. To say something is joke because you disagree basically renders everything you say after that a bit pointless. Game's fine. 7.6.

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