New OLED iPad and Pixel 8a!

Marques was out sick when we recorded, so Andrew and David take over the pod and talk about all of the newest gadgets that …


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  1. I love this show, but hearing them talk about gaming tech and be so off on basic stuff about a piece of hardware that's been out since 2017 makes me wonder if I should really be trusting any other info gone over on this show and take it only as entertainment. All I'm asking is to research just a little before you talk about a thing or move on when you don't know.

  2. That guy trying to do an "um, actually" about tandem OLED is sooo annoying, I'm sorry. This is a professional podcast. You do NOT interrupt a technical conversation with "I just looked at the abstract of a study for 2 seconds and here's my thoughts". I cannot emphasize how damaging this is to not just the podcast, but to viewer's ground level understanding of the technology being discussed.

  3. Can you guys do an episode where you each pick a screen display technology and try to convince us that that one is the best. Or tell us the pros and cons of each and which one your prefer. (Ex OLED, Amoled, Mini LED, Tandem OLED, CRT)

  4. It seems like Apple can do nothing right when it comes to this podcast. Final Cut camera is stupid? How is it stupid to allow multicam work flow using the camera more people own than all other cameras combined?

    Final Cut for iPad is useless but the entire presentation was shot on an iPhone and edited in Final Cut for iPad. It’s like Yall just up here saying stuff. Trying to disprove the new oled display but never said a product that has a tandem display. Placed doubt on them for lying but did not support the claims. Apple do something to Yall or something? Yall talk about these horrible mechanical keyboard that counts hundreds of dollars but then get mad at a $300 one. Dial it down man, it’s starting to get bad. You don’t gotta be a fan boy but you don’t have to be a hater either.

  5. I appreciate knowing that someone else in the podcast was thinking about the very obvious Dune reference with the black box 😂

  6. I'm an artist and I use Paperlike on my iPad cause the pen slides around way too easliy on the glass surface otherwise. I feel like I have more control over the pen with the Paperlike and it makes it easier to draw precisely

  7. Awesome episode!
    Regarding why some product get certain upgraded components like the M4 it could be regarding to the manufactoring and that the lines that produce the new Ipad gets retooled from like the oldest toolset and it will cost more to do it on a line of Ipad that is still selling good and is quite new. To retool a Mac line would be more expensive also

  8. I enjoy you podcast a lot but you guys you are rambling a lot about the reason why Apple does things. Most of the reason are production related. It cost for sure a lot to run a chip architecture just for apple more than any marketing arguments you guys came up with. Next issue: all m chip have 16 NE cores ! But each generation is able to process more operations.

  9. 33:40 I actually think the final iPod nano before they went to touch screen was the best one ever. I still have mine although not sure if it works. But it was the greatest mp3 player even made. It even had a camera though for some reason 😂

  10. 59:10 there are quite a few channels that don’t send reporters and camera man but reporters with iPhones but live switching is mostly not necessary with that

  11. Guys, given how much yall travel how are you just finding out about BYOD on airplanes?! They’ve been around for ages! It’s interesting- some of the major airlines who went that direction are now backpedaling hard. United in particular has gone from a strategy around bringing devices to committing to a setback screen on every seat. Delta has always had the setback entertainment. It’s counterintuitive for us gadget junkies but it turns out their passenger experience data says that people prefer to not have to worry about the entertainment stuff. Delta hands out earbuds on every flight because so many people want to use the seatback entertainment but no longer have wired headphones

  12. Actually, a couple years ago a church I went to had a 3 iPhone multi-cam setup to live stream and recorded service with an app to control the switching so I don't think you would need an iPad for it but I guess it is nice that the feature runs natively now.

  13. Worth noting that the Final Cut Camera is a standalone camera app that doesn't need FCP to function. So you can just use it as a n alternative free camera app with more precise control of image settings compared to the stock one. It's low key Apple's first attempt at a pro camera app which even The Studio has asked for quite a long time by now. So I was surprised when David is basically asking "who wants this?" during that whole segment.

  14. Google can do this if they wanted. Tool use to first grab the geofenced area for the criteria from maps, then grab all the businesses that match the criteria along where the full description, images and text reviews have been pre-vectorized, and let an LLM find the best option, do some post processing to ensure it’s fine, and spit it out.

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